It’s a Wrap! Reflections and a Recap of VictorOps 2017

Jessica Kahn December 19, 2017


In 2017, software kept eating the world, and VictorOps kept arming the people who deal with the mess.

We doubled the size of our engineering team and tripled the size of our product team. Velocity went way up, in more ways than one. blog-year-in-review-go-karts Engineering day at the track

Speaking of velocity, here are some VictorOps functionality highlights of 2017

We decided we’d rather not associate incident debriefs with dead body exams, so we switched our terminology from “postmortem” to “post-incident review” and released an updated Post-Incident Review feature with better reporting capabilities. Jason Hand wrote a book on the topic. blog-year-in-review-book Some of us, like Todd Vernon and Greg Frank rigged our homes with VictorOps and iOT devices to protect our families from fires and floods. Others like Matthew Boeckman wrote eBooks that explain how to master on-call practices for developers and other team members new to the role.

We attended 45 events in 2017 and talked about topics ranging from Impostor Syndrome to how testing games prepared us for testing in DevOps firefighting. We noticed that alert fatigue is still a big problem, and the popularity of Will La’s blog post on reducing alert noise from 1000 to 10 alerts overnight reflects this pain. blog-year-in-review-leeroy-jenkins Firefighting is like raiding; communication is critical.

We worked hard. We ate good food. Drank a lot of beer. Added an espresso machine, nitro cold brew, and one of those fancy Bevy custom water dispensers to VictorOps basecamp. We continued our crawfish boil tradition. blog-year-in-review-crawfish-boil Annual VictorOps rooftop crawfish boil And to cap off the year, we launched a new website that more accurately reflects what we offer and believe. blog-year-in-review-website From all of us at VictorOps, we wish you a restful break, fruitful and painless firefighting, and the kind of holiday season you crave most. We’ll catch you next year.

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