JIRA Service Desk & VictorOps--Automatically Route Critical Incidents to the Right Responders

Dan Hopkins October 11, 2016

Atlassian fans rejoice! After a bunch of time collaborating with users of both systems, VictorOps has designed and built a two-way integration that connects VictorOps with Atlassian JIRA Service Desk. This is the latest Atlassian/VictorOps integration in a set that includes HipChat, StatusPage, and Confluence.

Now JIRA Service Desk customers can use the VictorOps integration to automatically route critical incidents to the right responders so that serious, time-sensitive problems get fixed fast.

Collaborate from within VictorOps, Service Desk, or HipChat

When there is a new Service Desk ticket, VictorOps automatically creates an incident and routes it to the right person. As that responder works on the problem from within the VictorOps incident timeline, other team members can easily collaborate from within VictorOps, Service Desk, or HipChat through the VictorOps/HipChat two-way integration. (Yay, ChatOps!)

All information is visible and all communication is recorded

As teams investigate and resolve the incident, the VictorOps timeline captures and timestamps all communication and interactions–great for retrospectives and continuous learning. And when the incident is closed, JIRA Service Desk tickets are automatically annotated with all pertinent interactions.

Send the latest, greatest remediation instructions alongside incoming alerts

Runbooks are a great way to give responders remediation instructions right when they need them most. And by housing runbooks in Confluence, you’ll know that everyone is referencing the latest and greatest information.

So use the Confluence/VictorOps integration to send harried responders links to Confluence-housed runbooks alongside incoming alerts. That’s what it’s for, folks.

Easily update your stakeholders on the incident with StatusPage

We have been huge fans of StatusPage since way before they joined Atlassian. Use StatusPage to keep stakeholders up to date on what’s happening with your incidents, so that you don’t get interrupted while intensely focused on fixing the problems. The VictorOps/StatusPage integration enables users to set a new incident or update an existing incident on their company’s StatusPage account via a simple button on the main VictorOps screen.


Our purpose is to continuously support your build/deploy cycles

These Atlassian solutions are designed to help you rapidly build and deploy software. VictorOps adds continuous support to the software development lifecycle. Those cycles move so fast that things break pretty often. And breaking things is fine, as long as you’re recovering fast and learning not to repeat the same mistakes.

We’re stoked about how these integrations work together. The point of all of this? Fear no release!

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