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July Roundup: Favorite Open-Source Tools and Projects

Kelsey Loughman July 30, 2018

DevOps Company Collaboration
July Roundup: Favorite Open-Source Tools and Projects Blog Banner

The beautiful month of July is coming to a close. While we’re sure nice weather and the celebration of our nation’s independence was at the forefront of your thoughts, we aren’t going to let you forget about the latest and greatest in DevOps, SRE, and Incident Management. In order to recap the greatest month of the year (a.k.a. my birth month), we spoke with a couple of our engineers to learn more about some of their favorite open-source tools and projects.


Grep is a command-line utility for searching plain text data sets. But, ack-grep takes it one step further toward improving these searches. Ack-grep can be used to optimize search through large heterogeneous trees of source code. The tool is fast because it only searches what it needs to and helps you better search source code by ignoring Subversion, Git, and other VCS directories.

React Loadable

React Loadable makes splitting component-centric code easier in React. Based on splitting via components rather than routes, this small open-source library makes code splitting more efficient. This piece from the creator of React Loadable, @jamiebuilds, goes into detail about implementing React Loadable and many of its benefits and use cases.

Sanitize HTML

Sanitize HTML is an open-source tool that does just that, sanitizes HTML. With a clear API, Sanitize HTML cleans up HTML fragments that are created through rich text editors. Additionally, it can remove unwanted CSS when copying and pasting from a Microsoft Word document.


TensorFlow is “an open source machine learning framework for everyone.” Originally created by researchers and engineers working on the Google Brain team, TensorFlow is built flexibly to be used across multiple applications and use cases. This open-source software library uses data flow graphs for numerical computation and can be deployed across one or more CPUs or GPUs without rewriting code. TensorFlow also comes with a data visualization toolkit, TensorBoard.

Play Framework

With the Play Framework, you can more easily build and scale web applications with Java and Scala. Built on Akka, Play is a stateless, web-friendly architecture that uses minimal resources for highly-scalable applications. The ease of use and robust nature of Play makes it a developer’s best friend.

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