Our Knowledge Drop has Dropped

Tara Calihman - December 08, 2014

Want one place to see all that we’re doing, whether it’s a webinar, a helpful guide or an entertaining video? We’re proud to announce that our resource center is live and filled to the brim with useful content!

Have at it. You’re now welcome to peruse the Knowledge Drop and consume at will…


But it wasn’t easy creating a warehouse to store all the knowledge that we’re putting forth for the benefit of our users and the general on-call community. I asked Ron, our web dev mastermind, to share some of his thoughts around the page…

**What were the challenges in building it?** First, there was the classic anxiety and intimidation of starting with a blank canvas and needing to add a ton of stuff that makes sense and looks good. Then, there was the challenge of understanding the actual scope of the project — realizing how much and what kind of information was required, and developing an understanding of what Knowledge Drop authors would require of the page-building (admin) area. The next challenge was organizing the information in a meaningful way, and coming up with a preliminary design idea. While the actual building of the thing did require a lot of work and did evolve over the life of the project, it was fairly straight-forward once I understood how to organize and present the information. **What are you most proud of?** I’m proud that I could build something that non-technical people can use to easily add a variety of relevant and interesting content to an already awesome website.

We’re adding content all the time so take a look around the new place and let us know what you think. But please don’t let all that knowledge drop anywhere it might hurt. We’re not liable for any injuries.