Launching AWS Cloudwatch Integration at AWS re:Invent 2013 Conference


The VictorOps crew headed to Vegas in order to launch our newest integration and to join the conversation happening at AWS re:Invent. It proved to be a great show for us and our Cloudwatch integration was well-received by those in attendance. We did over 400 demos of the product and got to see the excitement in people’s eyes as the genius of our platform clicked.


OH at booth quite frequently: “This is really smart” and “Why hasn’t someone done this before?”

The idea of situational awareness about infrastructure via a Twitter-like interface is a novel one and drove most conversations. We were able to show off our web admin and had people digging into our alert management interface.  Managing escalations and rotations can be very difficult and getting real-time feedback has already resulted in a few changes to our interface.


I went to several of the sessions including the day one keynotes and found the platform that AWS has built to be truly amazing. At my former company, we used AWS as well as most of the other cloud providers to deliver over 4 billion ad transactions a day. However, we really didn’t leverage the app level API’s at that company.

It’s clear from this conference that AWS intends to make things easy for developers and lock in future generations, which is good news for the product innovators of tomorrow.

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