VictorOps, Meet Your New Librato Integration

Nick Isaacs - October 30, 2014

When it comes to metrics that impact your business, don’t you want to be the first to know? Librato, a cloud-based metrics monitoring system allows you to do just that. With their service, you can easily see the status of all your critical systems, and actively get alerted on the information that matters most to you.


We are very happy to announce our turn-key integration with our friends at Librato, leaders in infrastructure monitoring. Getting your Librato alerts into your VictorOps timeline is now as easy as copying and pasting a few tokens. Like our other integrations, the Librato integration can be found in the VictorOps admin interface. Just click on the Integrations tab and choose ‘Librato’. You will then see an API token to provide to the Librato UI. Simple as that.

Here is a little walkthrough to make the process go even quicker:

1. Log into your VictorOps account (you will need to have admin privileges). Click on settings –> integrations –> Librato:


2. Log into your Librato account and choose account settings:


3. Click on Services, and scroll down to select VictorOps.


4. Add in your API key which you received from the VictorOps integrations page, and an arbitrary routing key (Such as ‘VO-Alert’):


As always, you can read more about this integration in our Knowledge Base and if you need any help getting your Librato integration setup, feel free to contact us any time! Happy monitoring :)