Our Logentries Integration is Ready for You!

Samantha Haltman - December 04, 2015

When you have operations running 24/7, it’s crucial to uncover issues quickly, and be able to solve those issues without tying up precious development resources. With Logentries, you have the power to search your log events as they occur for immediate insight and reliable resolution. This allows your developers to spend more time on what they do best - making shiny new things.

Logentries We are happy to announce that our integration with Logentries is now available! This integration is easy to get up & running, and allows you to send tagged Logentries alerts into VictorOps using the Generic Email Endpoint.

Here is a little walk through to help you with the process:

  1. Log into your VictorOps account (you will need to have admin privileges). Click on settings –> integrations –> Email Endpoint:logentries 1

  2. Log into your Logentries account. From the main dashboard, select Tags & Alerts from the left sidebar. logentries 2

  3. You can now either edit an existing Tag or create a new one. 
    When naming the Tag, append the VictorOps severity level you want for that alert. For example appending the term “warning” will create a warning alert in VictorOps, appending the term “critical” will create a critical incident in VictorOps (see example below).

  4. Add your VictorOps email endpoint to the email addresses being notified by the Logentries “Alert Tag”.

Now whenever the search is matched, and alert will be sent to the VictorOps timeline with the associated severity level.

logentries 5

As always, you can read more about this integration in our Knowledge Base and if you need any help getting your Logentries integration setup, feel free to contact us any time. Happy monitoring!