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Logentries Webinar: Monitoring Business-Critical Events

Samantha Haltman February 04, 2016

Events Monitoring & Alerting


Today, IT and DevOps teams are expected to closely monitor all aspects of their IT environment. With tools like VictorOps and Logentries, issues with performance, security and resources can be uncovered quickly, and strategically escalated and solved.

While metrics associated with system resources like CPU usage, memory consumption, I/O, disk usage, process, etc. are important to track, there tends to be a lack of attention associated with tracking business-critical events. Things like customer retention, product usage, monthly revenue, and profit are as important to the business as all the IT metrics listed above.

In next week’s webinar, our DevOps evangelist, Jason hand, and Justin Buchanan from Logentries, will be talking about the important business-critical metrics your team should start tracking. They will also be providing strategies and examples for implementing this process into your team’s workflow.


Attend this VictorOps & Logentries webinar to learn:

– What business critical events are and why you should care

– Why so many organizations with robust monitoring solutions fail to track business critical events

– The top events to track for growing business and reducing churn

– Example queries & alerts to start using today

– And more!

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, February 11th at 10am PST.


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