Manual Incident Creation & Expanded Triage Options: Tremendous Efficiency is Now Yours

Joni Klippert - November 15, 2016

VictorOps just provided you with the unprecedented ability to get the right eyes on a problem as fast as possible. Introducing Manual Incident Creation, our newest feature.

Individuals Over Tools

No matter how big or small your organization, there will always be times when people catch problems that machines don’t first identify. Manual Incident Creation allows you to manually create incidents and route them to individuals, teams, on-call escalation policies, or a combination of these options. The incident that you create will behave the same way existing incidents behave today: by paging all entities until someone acknowledges the incident.

Whether you are part of a NOC or just need to get the problem quickly explained and in front of the right people, now you have the right tool to use. You can manually create a single incident, give context to a floods of alarms, and get the information to the right eyes fast.

Firefight from anywhere

The feature is available on the web, iOS, and Android (coming shortly), and in both VictorOps standard and enterprise editions.

See it in action on the iOS app

Check out the ease of this new feature via the VictorOps iOS application, which continues to make huge performance strides (shout out to Tracee!).

Start by swiping to the Incidents section (far right) and clicking on the “+” button in the upper gray menu bar.

This will bring up the incident creation screen, where you can add a brief description and a longer explanation. Then tap on the “+ Add” icon on the lower right corner to select the users and/or escalation policies that will receive this incident.

You can select individual users or escalation policies by toggling between the screens.

The individuals, teams, or escalation policies chosen will appear under the “Send To” section of the screen. Then you click “Create,” and that’s it.

Tell us what you think

For more detailed information and instructions, Visit the VictorOps Manual Incident Creation Knowledge Base article.

This has been a top-requested feature; thanks for waiting patiently for it. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think.