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Amanda Boughey February 15, 2018


The idea of monitoring your systems isn’t new. Since the introduction of software, teams have been concerned about monitoring performance. According to Nathan Harvey, “Traditional monitoring includes monitoring low-level items like CPU, memory, and disk utilization. It is still important to understand and have data for these things as they...

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Sarah Waldner January 31, 2018


Management comes with certain headaches. The transition from “in the weeds” to “people and processes” (even if you’re able to keep technical tasks) adds a new dimension of complexity. Using tools to simplify your managerial tasks makes you happier and improves the working lives of other employees. If you’re managing...

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Amanda Boughey January 22, 2018


The path to streamlined incident management is different for everyone. We all care about minimizing downtime, keeping customers (and bosses) happy, and creating a firefighting experience that isn’t totally miserable. But what you prioritize—and how you ultimately streamline your incident management—will differ between teams. At VictorOps, we’ve divided incident management...

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Marlo Vernon December 07, 2017


Everyone remembers their firsts: First kiss, first concert, first job. A first on-call horror story is no different. Joni Klippert, VP of Product at VictorOps, vividly remembers her first nightmare on-call experience. Although Joni’s not an engineer, she got a glimpse into the life of being on-call and dealing with...

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Marlo Vernon November 14, 2017


What’s the number one cause of alert fatigue besides problems with your infrastructure? Babies. Imagine being up all night with a screaming infant while also responding to alerts. This is our Developer Advocate Matthew Boeckman’s on-call horror story. He stepped into our confessional booth and told us his worst outage...

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Davis Godbout November 01, 2017


A recent study by OfficeTeam revealed that two out of three workers would likely leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. How can you show your team you appreciate them? Recognition. And now, with the new On-Call Report in VictorOps, it’s easier to identify which team members deserve recognition....

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Marlo Vernon October 26, 2017


They’re cringe worthy. They’re nerve racking. They make you sweat just thinking about it. That’s right, we’re talking about on-call horror stories. We asked five VictorOps employees to step into our confessional booth and tell us their worst on-call horror story. Today, Todd Vernon, the CEO and cofounder of VictorOps...

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Marlo Vernon September 27, 2017


We’re back again with the second tale in our series of on-call horror stories. Our first story featured Bryce’s most embarrassing on-call experience. This time, Dan Hopkins, VictorOps VP of Engineering, stepped into the confessional booth to tell his worst outage story. Watch the video, or read on to learn...

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Marlo Vernon September 13, 2017


Let’s face it. Being on-call is never a neutral experience. We asked five VictorOps employees to share their on-call horror stories or worst outage story of their tech career. Most of their responses were, “Which story do you want to hear?” My interviewees were haunted by memories of getting paged...

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August 15, 2017

As of today, Live Call Routing is available to all VictorOps users. Read the press release here. This functionality connects callers with the right responder immediately, using VictorOps on-call schedules and escalation policies to make sure that the caller gets to the right people every time. If the primary responder...

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