Moving on up

Tara Calihman - February 28, 2014

It’s time for a move. We’ve spent more than a year now in our current facilities and while they were a good starting point, we’ve definitely outgrown the space.

Working in a building with a 120-year history has had its ups & downs but we cannot argue that the feeling of the past was very much alive and well within our office. Before leaving, we thought it best to list what we’ll miss (and what we won’t) about our old office.

Things we won’t miss:

The Mexican prison bathrooms. With food chunks in the sink. This is one part of the building that did not get better with age. Also, do you see the one marked for women? Oh, right.


The lack of a proper kitchen. Or sink. Or anything that would resemble a food-prep area of any kind.


The weird heating / cooling issues. When it’s cold outside, it’s really cold in the office. And when it’s hot outside, it’s equally hot in the office. And different parts of the office have different climate zones, adding to the variety and unpredictability of working conditions. Perhaps this has something to do with it?


The awesome street-level access. We had front-row seats to traffic accidents, fellow tech nerds walking by and the homeless guy who likes to sit outside our window, smoking a joint. Below you’ll see a popular location (by the front door) for piles of puke delivered via drunk college students on the weekends.


The placement of our office dart board. You were taking your life in your hands when you chose to sit and /or walk by it. We’re definitely better at coding.


_The Champagne Lounge (_as we dubbed our small & secluded conference room). Let’s not forget the awkward chairs placed therein, making it difficult to sit up straight or get out of them. Ah, the meetings and the memories. Demonstrations of awkward sitting below.


The forced closeness of having the entire company working in the same room. In addition to being able to hear what people are working on, the debates going on between co-workers and the jokes made at the expense of others were also fair game.

Or as one of our devs so poetically put it…”the crescendo of volume when there are 10 conversations taking place at the same time in the same room….”

Things we will miss:

Our baristas and our company coffee card at Amante.


Our proximity to the Attic.  Not just a local pub but also a purveyor of fine tater tots & our other ad-hoc conference room.

We make the big move this weekend and can’t wait to break in our new space. By that, we mean try out the kegerator and make sure it works on our rooftop patio.

Sigh. Startup life is so hard. And just so you don’t lose any sleep worrying about where VictorOps is moving…


don’t. We’re all set.

Or we will be soon. Stay tuned for even more pics of our sweet new space!