Native Mobile for Incident Management

Aaron White November 21, 2017


Back in 2012 when VictorOps started, the founders made it clear the product needed to not only work well, but excel in a mobile environment. Fast forward five years and the same sentiment lingers within our development team. Mobile is not only important, it’s essential.

We’re always thinking about innovation, and constantly improving our iOS and Android apps to ease the pains of our customers. About a year ago, I was showcasing our mobile app at a tradeshow. Though there wasn’t anything wrong with what I was demonstrating, it became clear to me that there were areas for improvement. I came back from the show and made it my mission to help release the best version of our mobile app yet. I was determined that our mobile release would match what our customers have been asking us to improve.

Our new app includes enhancements to the most important area of development: The user experience.

See Annotations Attached to Incidents

Users can now seamlessly access annotations when they’re viewing an incident. And they no longer have to navigate around to find what’s most important. Our users made us realize the mobile app needs to launch and display what’s important—the incident. With annotations attached to your incidents, it’s easy to get started with incident remediation work, right after launching the app.

Improved Timeline and Chat Functions

In addition to improving the way the app launches, we’ve also simplified the way users digest all of the information. We’ve streamlined the Timeline, so users have easier access to incidents and can view changes most important to them. We’ve also made improvements to our chat function, making communication between users easier.

Both our iOS and Android apps are native, reflected in the user experience. The iOS app has tabs, the Android app has drawers—both of which make for seamless navigation. Because using apps is second nature to almost everyone, we created our apps to offer an excellent user experience.

Simplified Information Gathering from Integrations

It can be confusing when you have a lot of integrations sending you information. And although it’s nice to have all the information in one place, it was still an issue for some users to distill the alerts. With the help of integration icons, we’ve simplified this problem. With this new release, integration icons are attached to alerts, making it possible for users to visually associate alerts with the system sending the information.

All Done Quickly

There’s no point in having a fancy mobile app if it isn’t easy to use. And nothing is easy if it isn’t fast. Our mobile app is up and running quickly, allowing access to important information in seconds. Mobile is supposed to simplify incident management. And with the incredible load speed of our app, mobile incident management won’t slow you down.

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