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New Changes to the VictorOps User Interface and Brand

Ching Pei October 31, 2019

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With the recent announcement of Splunk’s new vision – Turn Data Into Doing – VictorOps is following suit. To start, the web and mobile applications will go through a quick makeover and rebranding. Then, over the next few months, VictorOps customers will begin to see small improvements to the overall on-call user experience in both our web app and mobile app. Developers, sysadmins and IT security analysts alike are constantly looking to simplify the on-call experience and find better ways to collaborate. So, we’re doing just that!

The changes are focused on everything customers have been asking for – simplicity and ease of use. We’ll be taking advantage of advancements in machine learning and AI to become smarter – helping you resolve issues faster and reduce mean time to acknowledge and resolve (MTTA/MTTR) incidents over time. We continue to bring teams together by offering efficient real-time communication and the ability to surface applicable alert context faster. In other words, turning data into doing.

Let’s take a look at how we’re evolving with our customers to upgrade our services and offer premium web applications and mobile apps for on-call incident response.

The end of an era

Out with the old and in with the new! With a new vision for incident response in IT, DevOps and software development, comes new VictorOps themes. Let’s have a moment of silence and recognize all the contributions from Mr. Larper – his contributions to making on-call suck less can never be forgotten. But, today, we’re updating the website and mobile app with a modern updated look to connect with our forward-thinking customers. With that comes new colors and a new logo!

New VictorOps Mobile App Branding and User Interface

Incident Management Guide

Some updates that already make on-call suck less

Rich notifications

Acknowledge and Snooze incidents right from your phone’s lock screen (both Android and iOS). See the details you need without even opening your phone – helping you make the right decisions quickly and easily. All you need to do is set up Push Notifications as your paging policy in the VictorOps mobile app.

Suggested responders

When adding other responders to an incident, we’ll make suggestions based on past incidents. By leveraging machine learning, VictorOps harnesses the power of data to intuitively foster improved cross-functional collaboration. As you remediate more incidents and ingest more data into VictorOps, the system becomes better at suggesting who can fix issues across your applications and infrastructure – drastically reducing MTTA and MTTR, improving on-call visibility and make incident response suck less.

Easier on-call and app management

A redesigned Settings page in the mobile app makes managing VictorOps easier than ever. Don’t forget to add VictorOps to your contacts list from this page or try Night Mode if you prefer the darker screen.

Look out for more!

This is just the beginning! The team is constantly finding ways to improve the on-call experience on both web and mobile. With continuous improvements to scheduling, calendar visibility, alert routing and automation, and deeper context behind incoming alerts, VictorOps never stops making on-call suck less. With personal paging policies, the alert rules engine, a centralized timeline and more, VictorOps puts the power of on-call incident management and response at your fingertips. Have specific questions? Visit our knowledge base to read up on everything you can do with VictorOps or reach out to us at if you have questions.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial or request a personalized demo to learn more about VictorOps. Make sure to download the VictorOps iOS or Android mobile app to see how you can streamline on-call incident response across multiple teams, devices and geographical locations.

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