Announcing New Enterprise Product - Release Notes 1.12

Joni Klippert - January 19, 2016

Our first release in 2016 is a big one for VictorOps, as we’re introducing VictorOps Standard and VictorOps Enterprise product tiers. This release was named after a regional favorite, Moose Drool, although some people (ahem, Todd) campaigned for an even more local alternative, High Life. Either way, a delicious way to start the new year!


In case you hadn’t heard, all existing customers were promoted to Enterprise at no additional cost - and we thank you for your feedback and help building a great product. Make sure to poke around to check out some new functionality that you may not have seen previously.

Here’s some additional detail about this release:

– Introducing Enterprise and Standard product tiers! Curious about the new product? You can see more details here.

– All currently paid customers have been upgraded to the Enterprise product, which also includes unlimited API calls. Rate limits still apply.

– New backend billing system with a front end UI (new customers only).

– New Enterprise In-trial experience.

New integrations for your DevOps pleasure:

librenms-logo  springtimesoft_raygun_1_raygun_1

honeybadger  site 24X7

– Honeybadger





– Fixed issue where acks made by phone were not accurately being reflected in reporting. Rest assured that you can now confidently “phone it in” while on-call.

– Lots of performance improvements behind the scenes. Look, it’s not that exciting, but it had to be done. You will thank us later.

– Became intimately familiar with a particular iCalendar RFC, smashed some iCalendar bugs.

If you have any questions about this release, including our new product tier, please reach out to our friendly support team. Thanks for helping us to make on-call suck less in 2016!