The Data Nerd Version of PB & Jelly

Tara Calihman - October 09, 2014

When VictorOps opened up shop, our single most-requested integration was New Relic. Why? New Relic is a completely unique platform that enables Dev and Ops teams to look inside the application software as it runs.

That’s why the partnership between VictorOps and New Relic just makes sense. Today’s best data nerds expect more than a notification when stuff breaks, they expect to see the health of their platform holistically, as it’s running, and in real-time.


With VictorOps’ native Android and iOS applications, as well as a web interface, New Relic users get full situational awareness of their application performance at all times with the ability to collaborate around problems when they occur. This means reducing time-to-resolution and saving money. Users of both products can leverage our first-class alerting AND collaboration platform by integrating their New Relic data into the VictorOps timeline.

We could not be happier to sponsor New Relic’s FutureStack conference this week in San Francisco. To show our enthusiasm and camaraderie with fellow data nerds, we’re offering VictorOps free for 30 days to all conference attendees. And just because we can, we’ll also extend a 20% discount for a year.

We think it’s a great way to experience for yourself how VictorOps and New Relic go together like peanut butter and jelly. Tasty.

The VictorOps integration is easy to configure. Just add VictorOps as a webhook in New Relic. See how to integrate in this 45-second video:

Start your trial today and see all the details of enabling the New Relic integration here.