Next Big Sound Case Study: VictorOps Helped Us Grow

Tara Calihman - November 14, 2014

Next Big Sound™ analyzes social, sales, and marketing signals to help people make smarter, braver decisions. We talked with their System Engineer, Mark Selby, about how VictorOps is making their Dev and Ops teams smarter and braver too. This is what he said.


VictorOps works as advertised.

We used another on-call solution before VictorOps, but we only used SMS notifications because their iOS was terrible. VictorOps’ iOS app is spot on. It’s very easy to see what’s going on and very easy to resolve and acknowledge alerts. VictorOps’ web interface is great too. It’s up all the time, and the ability to ack and resolve alerts is simple. It’s a very clean and well thought out interface.

We’ve been very happy with VictorOps. It works as advertised.

Building on-call teams at start-up speed

We didn’t have on-call before VictorOps. We had Pingdom SMS-ing one person if the site went down. Our only other choice was email, which is a super inefficient form of communication.

VictorOps was our first foray into real escalation, and has been a critical part of our growth as a company. We’re a young start-up, and we push a lot of changes. With VictorOps, we are much better at responding to problems because we can now deal with them in real-time.

Dramatically improving time-to-resolution

Before VictorOps, sometimes we came into work in the morning and stuff was broken, and then we had to spend the day fixing it. Now, we know we’ll get the alerts and deal with problems immediately. It’s great for the business.

**In short… **

With VictorOps, our time-to-resolution has improved dramatically.

About Next Big Sound: Next Big Sound is a provider of online music analytics and insights. The company measures the growth and popularity of bands across social networks, streaming services and radio.