Now Accepting Manny Money

Tara Calihman - February 12, 2014

Our platform moved out of Beta and into General Availability at the end of January. This was big news for us since we’ve been working hard with our heads down for a little over a year now.

But we did look up long enough to celebrate the milestone of having our first paying customer at 3:16pm on January 30, 2014. Since that time, we’ve had another hundred users sign up and are welcoming more daily.


A milestone like this deserves recognition so we had a company toast in the middle of the afternoon where everyone stood around awkwardly, drank beers and then did what any self-respecting office of geeks would do next: make a photoshopped dollar bill with our first customer’s picture on it. As you do.


In addition to the paying customers, our GA release also brought about some big changes in our UI. We improved our admin interface so that all admin controls are now easily managed on one screen, including in-line team & user additions. You can see more specific details on that in the SlideShare below…

** Victor ops features jan 30 2014 ** from agreenhaw

After a lot of testing, an extensive Beta period and many hours of teamwork, it feels like what we’re doing is finally real.

(And for those curious, Manny Money is not actually accepted as legal tender anywhere other than our office.)