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Oceanwide Case Study: Improving the On-call Reality

Tara Calihman May 19, 2015


Oceanwide is a leading property and casualty insurance software vendor which services enterprise clients on a global basis. It’s solutions are delivered on a SaaS basis and as such, it has to deliver 24/7/365 availability and aggressive service levels.


When COO, Jonathan Victor and Production Operations Project Manager, Louay Chamma decided to ditch the “pager mentality”, they turned to VictorOps. In this case study, they share how they improved the on-call reality for their team…

Pagers suck, and we knew we could do way better.

Before VictorOps, we had a pager that would circulate among the team on a weekly basis. If ever there was a reason to escalate during or after business hours, we would email the pager. A constant problem was that depending on which system the alert came from, the text was often cut off and some messages would get dropped entirely because there were images. Data coming through to the engineer on-call was very inconsistent.

The coordination of that pager was also manual and laborious. Planning the hand-off outside of business hours was always a challenge. One weekend, I had to meet my manager at an intersection at 10:30 pm to physically hand him the pager.

This is going to add value immediately.

We didn’t need to do a massive business case on VictorOps - the value we were getting in relation to the cost was very clear. We set up the pilot and moved quickly to migrate our notifications and alerting on the platform.

Our favorite feature is how easy it is to take over the on-call role. You literally open the app on your phone and click the button. You know right away that you have assumed responsibility, and the other team members know as well. That is one of the most amazing features.

The team really likes the customized paging profiles per user. Some people prefer to be called right away, some people prefer text, and some like to be called every 5 or 10 minutes if they don’t respond.

Control Call is going to change the way we work.

With Control Call, you just click a button, choose a title, and click the names you want to call. Everyone selected is notified and can immediately join the call. When we are doing a large release in our production environment or dealing with a critical issue, that instant connection saves a ton of time and hassle.

We have eight cloud operations engineers spread across Montreal and Peru. Our team is responsible for delivering four 9s of availability and maintaining aggressive disaster recovery RPO and RTO targets. Before Control Call, we’d lose crucial minutes sending out call-in numbers or chaining together a cell phone call. It’s going to change the way we work in a big way.

In short…

VictorOps is the future of on-call. Ditch the “pager mentality” and start working with modern tools that will increase the efficiency and responsiveness of your on-call teams.

About Oceanwide: Oceanwide, an Insurity company, has been delivering SaaS core processing solutions to property and casualty insurers of all sizes, on a global basis, for close to 20 years. Its insurance software solutions enable insurers to react to market changes, configure and manage new and existing products with increased speed and lower costs for any line of business, virtually eliminating professional service fees. Designed from the ground up to be web enabled and fully configurable by end users without custom programming, Oceanwide’s solutions automate policy, billing, claims, underwriting, document management, agent/consumer portals and reporting. Oceanwide software can be used to fill gaps in existing legacy systems or used as a full, end to end policy processing solution.

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