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Dan Holloran March 22, 2019

Reducing MTTA: Escalation Blog Banner Image

In an integrated on-call incident management tool, automated and manual escalations built for human workflows become essential. In part 4 of our reducing MTTA series,...

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Drew Abernethy March 20, 2019

Reducing MTTA: Response Blog Banner Image

Part three of our Reducing MTTA series is focused on incident response. After optimizing alerts and notification policies, your team needs to be prepared for...

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Dan Holloran March 19, 2019

Reducing MTTA: Notification Blog Banner Image

Welcome to Reducing MTTA: Notification – the 2nd part of our blog series designed to help DevOps and IT teams improve incident management and make...

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Drew Abernethy March 18, 2019

Reducing MTTA: Alerts Blog Banner Image

Reducing MTTA (mean time to acknowledge) doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and it takes investment in your people, processes and technology. DevOps, SRE and...

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Nell Gable March 13, 2019

The New Team On-Call Checklist Blog Banner Image

Efficient DevOps and IT teams are constantly getting better at maintaining a CI/CD pipeline and deploying new code quickly – sometimes thousands of times per...

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Nell Gable March 07, 2019

Things That Suck About Being On-Call Blog Banner Image

Being on-call is a necessary evil for DevOps and IT teams maintaining complex systems in an environment dedicated to CI/CD. Systems will break, services will...

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Dan Holloran February 27, 2019

Breathe: Stress and Critical Incident Management Training Blog Banner Image

Being on-call and responding to incidents in IT and DevOps can be stressful, especially if you’re using piecemeal systems for monitoring, alerting and communication. And,...

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Marlo Vernon February 25, 2019

Machine Learning Opportunities for Incident Management Blog Banner Image

Incident management is one of the most crucial DevOps and IT support processes. So, it’s essential that teams get it right. The costs of downtime...

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Creating a Collaborative On-Call Incident Response Plan Blog Banner Image

At its core, incident response is simple. An alert is sent out according to the rules defined in your monitoring solution, the alert is then...

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Kelsey Loughman February 19, 2019

The On-Call Template Blog Banner Image

Being on-call sucks. Every DevOps or IT operations incident manager has heard or said this at one point or another. But, incidents are inevitable in...

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