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Amanda Boughey January 02, 2018


Curious about the state of on-call, but don’t have enough time to read an eBook? Don’t worry. We’ve gathered the important stats in one place for your skimming pleasure. Here’s What We Learned. DevOps is still new, and so is mature incident management. In fact, almost 75% of respondents have...

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Amanda Boughey December 21, 2017


Being on-call during the holidays can suck. You worry about downtime, missed alerts, alerts lacking important details or runbooks, and the added worry of alerts taking over your holiday festivities. Let’s be honest, an alert during the dreaded in-law dinner might be a welcomed distraction, but push that alert back...

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Matthew Boeckman January 30, 2017


Bringing non-traditional Ops folks, including developers, on-call can be a tricky process. Initial reactions tend to be highly polarized, either total pushback and refusal, or a meek acceptance coupled with fear of the unknown. For the former, understanding the root of the refusal is useful. For the latter, providing clarity...

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Matthew Boeckman January 20, 2017

Managing on-call teams has always been a challenge in complex environments. With the continued adoption of Continuous Delivery, the challenges are squared. Now, not only do you have to manage a complex environment, the environment is changing dozens of times per day. On-call today has to be less about a...

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Dan Hopkins February 25, 2015

There is more to being on-call than just knowing how to type in the latest ChatOps commands, reboot AMIs and print out java stack traces. There are life skills that come from being on-call for a while and fortunately, those are lessons that can be taught. Here at VictorOps we’re...

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Tara Calihman January 27, 2015

Visualization of IT On-Call Scheduling

One of the hardest things about managing on-call for your team can be creating the schedule for on-call rotation. Are you going to go with a standard weekly rotation cycle? Do you have coworkers in other parts of the world you’ll have to include on this rotation? And what about...

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Tara Calihman December 11, 2014


There’s lots of talk in the DevOps movement about how to best bring together the Devs and the Ops teams. You’ve heard it all before…breaking down silos, increasing transparency and fostering empathy among teams. But what does it actually mean to break down silos? How can your company go about...

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Mike Meredith November 05, 2014


The culture of our industry is broken, and it’s killing relationships. You need to take the lead in making a change. Ask just about anyone who spends time on-call, and they’ll tell you that being on-call has had a negative effect on their personal life.  In fact, VictorOps did ask...

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Tara Calihman October 24, 2014


There are lots of different ways to handle on-call scheduling for IT and DevOps teams. You can pull your hair out, curse the gods or flip multiple coins to find out who is responsible for site & app uptime this week. But it’s 2014 and it seems there should be...

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Mike Meredith January 25, 2013

Time on-call is a fact of life working in a DevOps or TechOps environment, but for a lot of us it’s the worst part of the job. Working with a 24/7 platform, on-call means getting up in the middle of the night, interrupting weekend time, and putting personal life on...

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