DevOps and IT Incident Response With Contextual Monitoring and Alerting Blog Banner Image

In a world of rapid software delivery and CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery), things break. Servers go down, third-party services fail and new code in...

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Bill Emmett July 10, 2019

VictorOps Price Promotion Announcement Blog Banner Image

Starting right now, you can make on-call suck less, for less. For a limited time, you can save up to 50% on VictorOps! DevOps and...

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Nell Gable July 08, 2019

Show Your Appreciation on SysAdmin Day Blog Banner Image

Happy (almost) SysAdmin Day! With incredible July weather comes the time to celebrate system administrators everywhere. The 20th annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day takes place this...

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Who Owns the Incident Management Process? Blog Banner Image

When an incident strikes, the customer doesn’t care who solves the issue – they just want functional systems. So, organizations are constantly tasked with defining...

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Nell Gable June 12, 2019

Developing On-Call Escalation Processes That Work Blog Banner Image

In a world of highly-integrated systems, microservices, cloud infrastructure and constant development, DevOps and IT teams are tasked with finding better ways to keep up...

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Michael Churchman June 07, 2019

Incident Response for Hybrid Clouds Blog Banner Image

For most enterprises (and many smaller companies) which have moved or expanded into the cloud, the hybrid cloud is the cloud. It’s not hard to...

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Kelsey Loughman June 03, 2019

The DevOps and Incident-Response Plan Template Blog Banner Image

Rapid incident response in DevOps and IT can mean the difference between a 5-minute outage and a 5-hour outage. But, how you respond in real-time...

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Scott Fitzpatrick May 31, 2019

Enabling On-Call Developers to Succeed in a Shift-Left World Blog Banner Image

Over the past few years, the term shift-left has been gaining traction within DevOps organizations. Shift-left refers to a development approach where application quality and...

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Brad Griffith May 30, 2019

The Definitive Guide for Being a System Administrator (SysAdmin) Blog Banner Image

For decades, SysAdmins have worked largely in the shadows to maintain the accessibility and uptime of your most important IT services. And, while the rise...

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Marlo Vernon May 29, 2019

How to Prepare for a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Interview Blog Banner Image

Site reliability engineering is a discipline continuing to gain more traction in software development and IT. SRE was initially implemented by VP of Engineering at...

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