Onshape Case Study: VictorOps Made It Easy

Tara Calihman - October 27, 2014

Onshape is a startup that applies cloud, web and mobile technologies to CAD. Paul Beltrani, TechOps at Onshape, was brought on board to quickly mature the startup’s operations. We talked with him for this case study about how he did it.

Onshape, Inc

**“I give VictorOps a check once a month and they make the pain go away.” **

Because we’re a startup, we didn’t have a concept of on-call rotation a couple of months ago, but we definitely needed one. For us, it came down to building our own or paying for a service. I’ve used other on-call management products in the past, and I’ve set up my own systems - I didn’t want to do that again. I’m a big believer in outsourcing to the experts.

With VictorOps, in a very short time, I got alerting, on-call rotations spun up. At one point after we started using VictorOps, my boss saw that we got an alert and that the system was being monitored. It gave him a warm fuzzy that we were on top of it. Management has commented positively on our metrics, monitoring and alerting infrastructure. VictorOps is a major component of that success.

**Getting devs into the on-call mindset **

Most of our devs come from writing desktop applications. We wanted to get them into our on-call rotation so they have that shift in mindset to a more holistic view. There was trepidation and a little bit of grumpiness at first because they’ve never done it before. VictorOps helped make it easy, and now we have a paired on-call rotation with our techops and dev teams. In VictorOps, each team can manage their on-call schedules independently, and each person can manage their notification policies independently.

We leverage a pretty sophisticated escalation policy in VictorOps. If the first tier people don’t respond to alerts in a certain amount of time, it defaults to a secondary. Then the third tier is me, and the fourth tier is management.

VictorOps has a really customizable alerting chain for each person. I can set up my own policy for how I want to be alerted. Believe it or not, we have devs who don’t have smart phones. They can have the app SMS or call them instead.

**In short… **

We throw alerts at VictorOps, and they make sure that somebody hears about it. I don’t have to worry.

About Onshape: Onshape is a new venture-backed company that is applying cloud, web and mobile technologies to CAD.