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How to avoid alerting nightmares, and get more sleep or drink more beer...

Tara Calihman May 01, 2015

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[This post is courtesy of our friends at Opsview.]

Being on-call as a Sysadmin can be both a blessing and a curse. While new employees can learn the processes of their company on the fly with an ‘on-call’ responsibility, more seasoned Sysadmins find themselves in an endless black hole dealing with frustrating repetitive requests. Nobody enjoys having their time wasted when they could be using those valuable hours working on more forward-thinking and exciting projects. This is where a quality IT monitoring system comes into play.

Whether it’s fair or not, most companies rely extensively on Sysadmins to clean up every mess that comes through their IT department at all hours of the day. Being on-call 24/7 is a nightmare-worthy responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These stressful situations can be limited if you equip yourself with a trustworthy monitoring solution and combine it with an on-call solution. By doing so, everything will run smoothly to the point that being on-call won’t be a headache-inducing task.


So can a Sysadmin avoid losing his or her mind when at work, let alone when they leave their desk? In an attempt to answer this question, Opsview and VictorOps have teamed up to present a “How To Make Monitoring Suck Less” webinar.

According to the VictorOps State Of On-Call Survey, 64% of respondents estimate that up to 25% of all alerts are false alarms, leading to 63% of those people to suffer from alert fatigue. With the Opsview single pane, easy-to-use monitoring software and the power of the VictorOps transmogrifier smart alerting tool, the goal of the presentation will be to demo our integration and to inform you of the available tools out there to ensure that your organization maintains efficiency when inevitable IT emergencies occur.

By the end of the webinar, you will be equipped with all of the proper information to implement a system where you are on-call for the least amount of time possible. The ability to deal with problems quickly will allow you to become more productive and have extra time to work on your greater Sysadmin initiatives, such as having that extra hour to enjoy a cold one, on us.


Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The most critically important things to monitor and why
  • What kind of alerts to utilize when things go wrong
  • Who are the right people to notify
  • How to route the right alerts to the right people at the right time to avoid chaos

To sign up, click here to fill out our form and we will send you an email with all of the details.

For some relevant pre-webinar reading, feel free to check out our “Avoiding Sysadmin Paranoia with the Right IT Monitoring Alerts” blog post and download our “Downtime Is Irrelevant: Navigating the 100% Uptime Myth” e-book.

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