Outage communication shouldn't be stressful

Joni Klippert - October 07, 2015

Efficiently communicate to business users that rely on uptime while solving problems faster and supporting your technical team.

Applications and infrastructure are no longer supporting systems – they’re critical to the revenue of virtually any business. This places great demands on those that manage these applications and infrastructure. In the case of an outage, major release or even scheduled downtime – the people who are responsible for keeping systems up and running are commonly bombarded by business constituents – anyone from marketing to sales to executive teams.

When the people who are firefighting need to stop what they’re doing to craft an internal communication, time is wasted.

When deciding how to craft an email update and to whom it should be sent is a concern instead of taking care of the incident, time is wasted.

Enterprise organizations are creating protocol around updates and spending hundreds of development hours attempting to solve this problem…hours that should be spent building tools relevant to their business mission. And even with these tools, the end user is wasting valuable time leaving the firefight to update business users.


How can we help you save time, money and the sanity of the programmers in your organization?

Glad you asked, because that’s where our new integration with StatusPage.io comes into play. If it’s your job to be on-call, you already know how hard communicating during a firefight is. Our StatusPage.io integration provides an easy way to update both internal and external constituents about the issues that affect them, allowing you to get back to the difficult work of resolving the incident.

Additionally, the first-class integration provides quick access to templates in StatusPage.io so you never have to worry about whether your wording is correct. Imagine having the power of well-crafted messages available with just a few clicks. No more arguing over word choice or debating about the proper verb tense - just a simple way to get the message out.


StatusPage allows business users and customers to subscribe to updates about relevant components so that you’re always communicating with the right audiences about the right issues. These days, users want to know what’s happening during an outage (even if you’re not exactly sure what’s going on) and our integration makes providing those updates easier than ever.

So whether you’re using this integration to facilitate communications among large development teams, to send updates to internal departments or to keep customers in the loop, you’re in luck. VictorOps and Statuspage.io are here to help make on-call suck less. o internal departments or to keep customers in the loop, you’re in luck. VictorOps and Statuspage.io are here to help make on-call suck less. ss.