Outside's Best Places to Work 2015

Tara Calihman - November 16, 2015

Culture is hard. People give talks about it. Employees cite it as a reason to accept a new job or leave a current one. Executives worry about fostering it. And now, we’ve received an award for it.

[Check us out on the list of Outside’s Best Places to Work 2015!]

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It’s an obvious honor to be recognized as an awesome place to work but the truth is that achieving a certain culture (or building one at all) is extremely difficult. To do so successfully at not one, but two different startups, is a testament to how Todd Vernon (our CEO & a co-founder) runs a ship. Culture doesn’t just happen - it has to be mindfully created with every decision of every day.

A few examples of what we mean by culture, here at VictorOps…


Playing hard. A few months ago, our CEO got into a lively discussion around bike commuting. Words were exchanged and before you knew it, there was a calendar invite to bike into work with Todd. From his house. 11 miles away. Not only did a quarter of the company show up, we had a fabulous time biking in and then eating breakfast together afterwards.

Relaxing hard. When you work like we do, self-care isn’t something you can forget about. Enter our weekly yoga and bootcamp classes. Once you’ve sweated with coworkers, it becomes much easier to empathize with them and much harder to not treat them like an equal. Add to that fitness line-up a monthly massage. There’s no reason not to take care of yourself when the company makes it this easy.


Eating hard. We have bagels on Friday morning and hot wings on Friday afternoon. This doesn’t count our monthly Business Buddies lunch, where we’re encouraged to go out to lunch with someone from a different team (on the company’s dime), or the many, many snacks always available in the company kitchen. And when you have views like ours, you take every chance you can to soak up the Colorado sun and eat outdoors on the rooftop patio.

Innovating hard. (And we’re not even talking about our product!) Our CEO issued a challenge to fly hot wings over to our office from the bar that is across the street. There have been three successful attempts so far and many tourists scared in the process. We call it the Wings Over the Flatirons - you  might call it crazy. Not only is the competition delicious, nothing brings a company together like flying hot wings.


Sharing hard. At the end of each sprint, we have a company-wide demo day where folks get to show off what they’ve been building. There’s a time limit and at the end, the co-founders vote on a winner. In addition to receiving a prize, there’s the pride that goes along with creating something that you’re excited to share.

We love that someone else has taken notice of the culture we’re creating over here. VictorOps is an amazing place to work and in case you missed both pieces of relevant news, we got more funding last week and are hiring!