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Going Serverless and Keeping DynamoDB From Waking You Up Blog Banner

If you’re exploring serverless architecture on AWS then you’ll quickly run into DynamoDB. DynamoDB is AWS’s managed NoSQL solution, and commonly the first choice for...

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DevOps Fallacies, Misconceptions, and Truths Blog Banner

At its core, DevOps simply refers to an Agile, collaborative relationship between development and IT operations teams. But, the term DevOps and many of its...

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Top ChatOps Use Cases Blog Banner

ChatOps encompasses a large range of functions and use cases. Whether you’re using manual chat applications, automated chatbots, or both to run scripts, escalate issues,...

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Incident Preparation: Uptime Is No Guarantee Blog Banner

Working to prevent downtime is a never-ending battle. But no matter what you do, in today’s era of continuous deployment and integrated services, uptime is...

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Checklist For Running Your Runbook Documentation Blog Banner

Runbooks, sometimes referred to as playbooks, are standardized documents containing information and procedures for resolving common IT or DevOps incidents. Runbooks walk through the steps...

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Core Tenets of a DevOps Culture Blog Banner

DevOps isn’t a specific role or responsibility, it’s an ideology. There’s no specific process or set of tools that leads to a successful implementation of...

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Marlo Vernon September 06, 2018

O'Reilly Velocity New York 2018 - NYC Conference Blog Banner

From Boulder to the big apple, VictorOps heads to NY for Velocity New York 2018! Stop by our booth (#25) and chat with us about...

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VictorOps and ServiceNow Integration Blog Banner

The ServiceNow and VictorOps integration just got a little bit stronger. Combined, you can create a robust system for end-to-end alerting, ticketing, and incident management....

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Leslie Ainza September 05, 2018

DevOpsDays Boston 2018 Blog Banner

DevOpsDays Boston is right around the corner, and we’ve got some sweet giveaways that will make you run toward the VictorOps booth faster than you...

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Marlo Vernon September 04, 2018

DevOps World | Jenkins World Blog Banner

September is here–which means fall is upon us. Put on your sweater, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and get involved at your favorite DevOps events,...

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