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On-Call Management Tools for DevOps and ITSM Blog Banner

Complex infrastructure, distributed systems, CI/CD, and Agile development practices are changing the way we build and maintain services. Teams are building more in a shorter...

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Defining Incident Incident Management vs. Problem Management Blog Banner

In DevOps, ITSM, and the ITIL framework, outlining the differences between incident management and problem management is imperative. But, by acknowledging the current industry-standard definitions...

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Being a DevOps Team Manager Blog Banner

Being a DevOps team manager is less about management and more about empowerment. By nature, the DevOps lifecycle encourages CI/CD, speed, and reliability, but it’s...

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Why Runbook Automation Drives Collaboration Blog Banner

Runbooks and playbooks are essential to driving collaborative on-call response and incident management. Especially as teams scale, new on-call teammates need to have resources that...

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The Effects of Incident Alert Fatigue on Reliability Blog Banner

A stream of constant alerts leads to confused teams and slow incident response. Incident management solutions with effective alert routing, context, and prioritization help reduce...

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Nia Watts November 05, 2018

React Context vs. Redux - Can't Kill Redux Just Yet Blog Banner

With the advent of React 16.3, the Context library has finally been properly released and documented. Since its release, I have heard “Why are we...

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Heading to AWS re:Invent 2018? Blog Banner

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s November, meaning the holiday season is upon us. And we’ll be kicking it off with Thanksgiving,...

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Introducing New Integrations: Splunk + VictorOps Blog Banner

Following Splunk’s acquisition of VictorOps in June, our teams have been working toward a tightly-integrated solution for monitoring and incident management. So, over the past...

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Being an On-Call Incident Commander Blog Banner

Taking on-call responsibilities, responding to incidents, and remediating those incidents takes organization and preparation. Without a plan for navigating an alert when it comes in,...

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Managing On-Call Scheduling Systems Blog Banner

Being on-call doesn’t have to be so bad. Effective incident management processes and tools help your team collaborate and will lead to less confusion and...

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