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Dan Holloran March 15, 2018


Who doesn’t love March Madness? Well, I’m sure that engineers aren’t always crazy about being on-call during the tournament. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. On-call doesn’t have to be the proverbial death knell to your personal life. In fact, what if I told you that you can...

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Dan Holloran March 13, 2018


Most DevOps and IT teams know the importance of system monitoring. However, there is still very little standardization when setting up monitoring and alert systems. Every company, team, and individual operates differently. The responsibilities of a monitoring system range from collecting the right data, symptom detection, and alerting on what...

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Hannah Klemme March 09, 2018

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Almost a week back home from Grafanacon EU and I’m still dreaming of Poffertjes. With a sold-out crowd of over 350 attendees and launch of Grafana 5.0, the Grafana team knocked it out of the park. Everything about the venue, food, after party, video production, and overall design of the...

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Hannah Klemme February 23, 2018


Here at VictorOps, we geek out over our integration partners—especially those our DevOps team can leverage to improve our internal incident management process. That’s why we’re so stoked to chat about Grafana. For those of you who don’t know, Grafana is an open-source platform focused on providing rich data visualization...

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Amanda Boughey February 21, 2018


We’re honored to be named the best SaaS tool for the US market in this year’s Cloud Awards. Now entering its eighth year, the cloud computing awards program celebrates excellence and innovation. The awards program accepts entries from organizations of any size, this year receiving over 300 entries, with entries...

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Amanda Boughey February 20, 2018


Many sources maintain the goal of incident management is simple: to restore service as quickly as possible. When an issue occurs and a system breaks, the knee-jerk reaction is to fix the issue as quickly as possible. So yes, it’s true in everyday practice—the goal when a single incident occurs...

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Amanda Boughey February 15, 2018


The idea of monitoring your systems isn’t new. Since the introduction of software, teams have been concerned about monitoring performance. According to Nathan Harvey, “Traditional monitoring includes monitoring low-level items like CPU, memory, and disk utilization. It is still important to understand and have data for these things as they...

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Marlo Vernon February 12, 2018


Of all the places you could intern, nothing beats working at a startup. Just ask the current and former interns of VictorOps: Matthew, Jakub, and myself, Marlo. We’ve all interned at VictorOps—and loved the experience. From perks and fun activities to work experience, working at a startup is invaluable. If...

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Todd Vernon February 07, 2018


Systems fail, servers go down, shit breaks. With the pressure of continuous uptime and world-class customer experience, we’re being asked to build, deploy, and operate our systems with increasing speed. Accordingly, our approach to incident management leaves little time for trial and error—we need to detect, respond, and remediate problems...

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Amanda Boughey February 06, 2018


Most engineering organizations use Agile—be it pure Agile or a hybrid—as a model for managing the development process. Agile allows organizations to respond quickly to change, ultimately making it possible to release software on a predictable cadence. To best understand how Agile aligns with your incident management process, let’s first...

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