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The Intersection of DevOps and Security Blog Banner Image

DevSecOps is transforming the way businesses meet continuously evolving customer requirements. With the speed at which DevOps allows for feature and service releases, it can...

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Leslie Ainza January 04, 2019

January Events: DevOpsDays New York Blog Banner Image

Alright Resolutioners, it’s time to get involved in your DevOps community! New year, new you, new DevOps events to attend in January. We’re kicking off...

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Your 2019 DevOps Cookbook Blog Banner Image

2019 is here! With the new year comes new challenges and opportunities related to software development, IT operations, and service delivery. The DevOps methodology continues...

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MLOps Potential in the Incident Lifecycle Blog Banner Image

Machine learning is being applied to numerous functions across nearly every industry. Today, in software development and IT operations, machine learning is helping teams both...

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Your Open Source Tool Belt: Chaos Testing Blog Banner Image

A couple of years ago, when Amazon announced its famous Prime Day sale, the website traffic suddenly increased by 28%, amounting to 73.8 million visitors...

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Why DevOps Matters: Collaboration and Transparency Blog Post Banner

DevOps is all about tightening the relationship between developers, IT operations, and security. DevOps-focused organizations can build reliable services faster through collaborative team relationships and...

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How Can Machine Learning and MLOps Reduce Application Downtime?

Application downtime is like a one-two punch. Not only does downtime cost you financially but there’s also an extensive opportunity cost associated with downtime. Downtime...

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Integrating IT Alerting and On-Call Scheduling Software Blog Banner

Every team needs an organized process for managing on-call responsibilities and a detailed system for monitoring and alerting on service performance and downtime. So, of...

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Automated ChatOps in Incident Response Blog Banner

The pace of CI/CD has increased significantly since Agile and DevOps became mainstream. Today, development teams thrive on collaboration and conversation tools that allow them...

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Runbook Automation Tools and Examples Blog Banner

Incident response is the name of the game. With 73% of an average incident’s lifecycle spent in incident response, human collaboration and workflows quickly become...

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