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Our Pingdom Integration is the Blingdom

Tara Calihman August 12, 2014


Shouldn’t you be the first to know if your website is down? Of course you should…and Pingdom allows you to do just that. With their service, you can track the uptime, downtime and performance of your website. And the fact that they’re located in Sweden only makes them that much Ikea-cooler.


The Pingdom integration allows you to send website monitoring alerts into your VictorOps incident timeline. Now when Pingdom starts pinging, you can rest easy knowing that VictorOps is alerting the right people on your team.

By default, the Pingdom integration is disabled so you’ll have to go into your VictorOps admin interface, click on the Integrations tab and choose Pingdom. Once you’ve enabled that integration, you’ll be provided with an email address that you’ll use in your Pingdom account settings.


Now that you’ve done that, simply follow the steps below to get your Pingdom integration up & running.

  1. From your Pingdom dashboard, click Alerting.


  1. Click Alerting Endpoints, then ADD ALERTING ENDPOINT.


  1. Name it “VictorOps alerting endpoint” and click ADD CONTACT METHOD.


  1. The contact method will be the email address that you enabled from your VictorOps Pingdom integration page.


  1. Select Old message format and then click Save Settings.


  1. Click Alert Policies, and on the policy that you want to integrate with VictorOps, choose Edit from the drop down menu to the right of that policy.


  1. Next to the Incident Assignment, choose Edit in the drop down menu.


  1. Add “VictorOps Alerting Endpoint” to the cc list and click Ok.


  1. Hit Save and you’re done! Your Pingdom integration is complete and you’re on your way to solving problems faster.


If you have any issues getting your Pingdom integration dialed in, please drop us a note - we’re happy to help!

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