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New VictorOps Pricing: Making On-Call Suck Less, for Less

Bill Emmett July 10, 2019

Monitoring & Alerting Company On-Call
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Starting right now, you can make on-call suck less, for less. For a limited time, you can save up to 50% on VictorOps! DevOps and IT teams can now organize all of their on-call, alerting and incident response practices in one place, for a fraction of the cost. The VictorOps team is passionate about helping more IT operations and DevOps teams speed up incident response and reduce incident MTTA and MTTR (mean time to acknowledge and resolve). So, with lower prices, we’re making our product more accessible to a wider audience!

From on-call schedules, alert routing and incident automation to monitoring integrations, escalation policies and communication tools, you can manage everything for real-time incident response in one place. With VictorOps, you’re able to optimize alert rules and notification policies to get alerts to the right people at the right times. Then, you can collaborate in real-time, with context from your monitoring tools, to rapidly detect incidents, notify on-call users and resolve issues.

Make the most of your monitoring with incident response

You’re constantly tweaking your monitoring and improving how you build observable applications and infrastructure. But, after you’ve built highly observable systems, proactive alerting and incident response is the next step toward taking action on detected issues. So, why not combine rapid incident response and collaboration with the monitoring you’re already doing? At this low price, right now is the perfect time to integrate alert automation, on-call calendars and collaboration software with your monitoring tools – leading to incident response that doesn’t suck.

For more information, check out the VictorOps pricing page and reach out to us to learn how you can take advantage of this limited time discount.

How customers are already making on-call suck less

“Using VictorOps’ incident frequency report, we now have 80 fewer noisy alerts each month and can focus more on resolving our actionable alerts.” - Kamal Chatila, Incident Manager at MYOB

Our customers range a number of industries and team structures. One customer, PSCU, reduced their MTTA from 4 hours to 2 minutes with VictorOps. Need more proof of VictorOps’s efficacy? Check out our case studies page to learn how companies like Malwarebytes, NS1 and Entrust Datacard are driving business value through incident response software and making on-call suck less.

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Taking advantage of promotional pricing

VictorOps at this promotional price is a steal. Every IT and DevOps team needs a fast, efficient way to notify on-call developers or sysadmins of incidents and take action to remediate problems. So, why not lock in a lower price for highly-performant on-call scheduling and incident response software? Sign up for a 14-day free trial or request a free personalized demo to learn how you can start making on-call suck less for your own team.

Already a VictorOps customer?

Well, it’s your lucky day! Now’s the perfect time to add seats to your VictorOps instance. We’re honoring the promotional price for existing customers who are looking to add more users – making it a great time to expand. Contact our sales team today if you’re interested or have questions.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, sign up for a 14-day free trial or request a demo with our sales team to learn more about VictorOps. See how a centralized, integrated tool for on-call scheduling, alerting and incident response can improve collaboration and transparency for DevOps and IT teams.

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