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API Availability is Here!

Joni Klippert December 09, 2015


Today is an exciting day. We’re releasing our first handful of public API endpoints to our customers!


Some of you have been waiting a while for this release, and we know it’s important to you. So why did we wait to release the API?

We approach product development differently here at VictorOps. As we’ve built our product, we’ve been obsessed with our customers and their pain points. We knew from the beginning we were building a completely new solution to the growing demands of supporting ever-changing technical platforms.

This meant we needed to be very close to our customers to understand gaps in their existing solutions and really understand their PAIN. Where we identified a common pain, we built a feature, which has created the leading product in our marketplace.

Now that we have become the innovation leader, the pain that we were hearing about had to do with extensibility. And not just for tinkering, but for some very critical system integrations that allow enterprise and other customers to better connect VictorOps with existing legacy solutions. At this point, the API became the critical feature that we needed to build in order to support our customers.

In addition to this use case, customers will be able to:

– build system dashboards around alerts and on-call statuses

– query and manage on-call scheduling and responsibilities

– create sophisticated incident reporting

– and use all of the chatops platforms currently integrated

From a product perspective, it will be important to stay close to our customers while they build and expand using our API. We’re using a very cool platform from our friends at 3scale that provides us with great analytics about the use of our API so that we can remain close to the use cases and ensure that we’re continuing to build the right features and value into our product.

We’ve tackled a handful of the most requested calls in this release and we’ll be adding them as we go. Have a request? Shoot it over to and we’ll get it added to the list. As we release more calls, they’ll be mentioned in our in-app release notes and available via our very cool documentation hub.

Thanks again for your patience. Here’s to the new public API!

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