PuppetConf & Icinga Camp Report

Jason Hand - October 01, 2014

PuppetConf 2014

After an amazing week in New York for Velocity and DevOpsDays, I made a brief visit to basecamp to load up on meds and push through whatever sickness that was going around. Monday morning, I was right back to the airport and on my way to San Francisco for this year’s installment of PuppetConf.


This was my first time checking out the conference primarily focused on Puppet. For those of you unfamiliar with Puppet, it is a service designed to automate the deployment of your infrastructure and manage your servers to keep everything in a consistent and repeatable state.  You describe the machine configurations in an “easy-to-read” declarative language and Puppet will then bring your systems into the desired state and keep them there.

There are several others out there that provide a similar service, such as Chef, Ansible, and CF Engine. “Infrastructure as code” is the buzz-phrase and each of these services do it very well. If you want to automate the deployment of your infrastructure, I highly suggest starting with one of these.

"_We need to deploy, at any given time, any given service, in any given configuration , as quickly as possible._" - Alan Green (Sony Entertainment)

The conference was much larger than I had expected and Puppet spared no expense in creating a wonderful environment to learn, share, and network. Each morning kicked off with insightful keynotes from a wide-range of speakers, including Phoenix Project author Gene Kim, Sony Entertainment’s Alan Green, and of course, Puppet’s CEO Luke Kanies.


After the keynotes, attendees had a plethora of speaking tracks to check out and learn more about topics ranging from IT Automation, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps, just to name a few.


Next year’s PuppetConf is slated for October 5th-9th in Portland and I can tell you right now I’m pretty pumped to check it out in Puppet Labs’ home town.

Icinga Camp


When I found out that Icinga Camp was taking place the same week I was in town for PuppetConf, I couldn’t resist signing up.  In fact, as I learned during the camp, I was the very first person to sign up!  o_O


Hosted at GitHub’s new 3.0 office in the SoMo district of San Francisco, the event was a great opportunity to learn more about Icinga (an open source monitoring tool) and the latest version they’ve been working on. It was also awesome to meet others who are currently using Icinga, like we do at VictorOps. Having an opportunity to spend the day in such an amazing work space with really talented people who are passionate about monitoring was such a treat.

It was also pretty cool to have in-depth talks with folks on how they are integrating Icinga to VictorOps and other services to manage their on-call rotations.  I’m excited to be able to have these conversations and help everyone who approached me.

Closing Thoughts

As I wrapped up my visit to San Francisco with an event at the California Academy of Sciences hosted by GuideBook , I couldn’t help but reflect on what a wonderful 2 weeks it has been for myself and VictorOps. Traveling coast-to-coast allows us to have valuable face-time with our customers and those who are just now learning about the tools and services we provide to on-call teams.  The feedback and excitement we’ve been receiving has been amazing!  It’s clear that teams are beginning to see just how VictorOps is different.