Why Real-Time Incident Management?

Tara Calihman - June 17, 2016

When you don’t know what’s at stake during an outage, it can be difficult to advocate for new incident management software that might improve your process. How are your customers affected when your site goes down? Any idea what kind of money your company is losing every minute your app doesn’t load?

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the most compelling data around downtime and turned it into a handy guide that will provide all the ammunition you need to ask your boss for a better way of doing incident management.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.07.15 PM

Other things you’ll learn from this eBook…


– What happens when your app crashes


– The cost breakdown of an outage


**– The cost of a datacenter outage **

Outages are to be expected. They happen to everyone and there are many scary numbers around what transpires while you’re fighting the good fight. But this ebook isn’t all doom & gloom.

We also provide suggestions on how embracing effective DevOps practices can help you better deal with these kinds of situations. When you feel prepared to handle all parts of the incident lifecycle, from first alert to final postmortem, you can focus less on figuring out what’s wrong and more on how to learn from the failure.