Real World ChatOps Webinar

Tara Calihman - June 19, 2015

ChatOps is all the rage these days but implementing it within an organization can be difficult. In next week’s webinar, Jason Hand, our DevOps evangelist, and Michael Ansel, from the cloud storage company Box, will be talking about Real World ChatOps. Namely, how does security fit into the ChatOps equation? Does it?


DevOps teaches us to share within all business units of an organization but when it comes to actually taking action or running commands from within chat, certainly a system of access control must be put in place. You wouldn’t want someone who is primarily responsible for answering phones to be able perform an action that may have a negative impact on the company’s infrastructure.

Information Security (InfoSec) is often forced to try and keep unauthorized access and actions from taking place by those who should not be doing or seeing them. Some teams refuse to even look at ChatOps, much less take steps to begin implementing it, because of the implied security threats.

There is a tremendous amount of value ChatOps provides if you don’t care about security. But organizations do, because they have to.

Early on in ChatOps adoption, teams will have to identify and implement actions that are safe to use without access control and which ones should be be delayed until a formal security plan can be put in place.

Michael and Jason will outline many actions that are currently being implemented among DevOps teams around the world all within chat as well as why it’s beneficial.

Examples include…

Development & Operations (DevOps)

  • Infrastructure provisioning & management
  • Incident management
  • Efficient communication among teams (especially distributed teams)

Sales, Finance & Support

  • Customer management
  • Visibility to critical Sales, Finance, and Support metrics
  • Increased awareness


  • Collaboration over campaign management
  • Visibility to campaign metrics
  • Efficient coordination of messaging and social media activity
  • Brainstorming sessions

Senior Executives

  • A pure “pulse” of all teams and activities
  • A direct channel to communicate synchronously to all teams

From there, they will address the InfoSec side of ChatOps including what can be done now, the efforts that are currently under way to develop new tools, methods for protecting our systems and tips on creating a safe environment for ChatOps to really prosper.

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