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Recognize the Contributions of Your Team: Introducing On-Call Reporting

Davis Godbout November 01, 2017

Monitoring & Alerting

A recent study by OfficeTeam revealed that two out of three workers would likely leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. How can you show your team you appreciate them? Recognition. And now, with the new On-Call Report in VictorOps, it’s easier to identify which team members deserve recognition.

The new On-Call Report helps you understand team workload with granular detail, so you can see and understand the process, work distribution, and workload of each team member.

Team Level Overview

The report starts at a high-level overview with a quick rundown. This team-level overview helps you understand how the entire team is performing as a unit. You can even compare each team’s workload; you’ll know if there’s a group that’s taking on more work than the others.

The report allows further investigation into the details that matter to your team, like on-call obligation and incident recognition.


On-Call Obligation

Now you can see how much time an individual spends on-call as well as their involvement in each incident as it occurs. The capability to select into an individual user lets you identify and recognize the individual workload of each team member. This level of detail allows you to see the specific rotation, escalation policy, and override that made up an individual’s on-call obligation.


Incident Recognition

If an incident happens in the middle of the night, did it really happen? Many team members resolve issues overnight without mentioning their time spent. While this is certainly admirable, it leaves no room for proper recognition. The new On-Call Report from VictorOps allows you to see the unsung heroes of the night. Making sure an incidents becomes a minor footnote instead of full blown disaster is impressive; this report makes it easier to identify which team members make these rapid resolutions a reality.

Using the new VictorOps On-Call Report, your team members will start to feel more appreciated and thus, hopefully, will be happier in their role. Developer happiness is an important part of every organization. And the new VictorOps On-Call Report allows you to evaluate your data and recognize your team members. Utilizing the data from this report is a must in your journey to being victorious.


But We’re Not Stopping Here

The goal of the new VictorOps On-Call Report was to deliver transparency and granularity to make decisions as a team and organization starting first with the individual workload of team members. Over the next couple of months, VictorOps will provide the granularity and transparency to take actionable steps to improve incident management process and recognize important trends.

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