Release Notes: Punch 3.17

Tara Calihman - March 18, 2016

The beauty of this release is the apt name. Just like your favorite nonalcoholic party drink, this Punch has a little bit of everything to make it extra tasty.


3/17 Release Notes: Punch


– New default payment method functionality in billing admin when more than one payment method exists.

– Activation form error handling improvements.

Fixed: UI bug when editing a shift that ends at midnight, that started the night before.

Fixed: Transmogrifier preview is back up and running ,allowing users to see which alerts will be affected by a new rule, based on previously received alerts.

Fixed: Billing page shows costs to two decimal places. You didn’t want to see the price to the 7th decimal, now did you?

Fixed: Broken date range inputs on the user metrics report when using Firefox.



– Replaced browser native confirm dialog for ack/resolve operations with modal dialogs.

– Added new header styling to the people pane, timeline and incident pane.

Fixed: We now surface the Everyone team in the team view if no other teams are present.

Fixed: “Ack all” only acks for incidents included in your current filter.


Android (v 6.2.139):

Fixed: Allow Alert Notifications to bypass “Doze Mode” on Android 6 devices so it will reliably wake you up!

– Maintenance Mode display now includes who initiated and at what time in the banner, providing more context around the state.

– Added a new Advanced Preferences setting to enable a custom “keep-alive” heartbeat to prevent delayed GCM notifications. [Note: only needed for customers who have specific “aggressively firewalled” network scenarios for TCP ports 5228 thru 5230.]

– Minor fixes around SSO login.

– Minor bug fixes for some modal dialogs.

– Removed “Rate this App” dialog entirely, though we’d love your feedback while NOT in a firefight!

If you have any questions about this release, our helpful support team is standing by with a ladle. Drink up!