Release Notes: Purgatory 4.14

Tara Calihman - April 15, 2016

Fortunately, the name of this release has nothing to do with the state of suffering that souls inhabit before entering heaven and everything to do with a cocktail made with Chartreuse and Benedictine. Originally credited to Ted Kilgore, the Purgatory is about as simple a cocktail as they come. Mix a base spirit with two liqueurs, add a twist of lemon, and you’re in Purgatory. This release is almost as smooth and delicious.


4/14 Release Notes: Purgatory


_– _Refactor teams page: increased performance, less visual noise. Schedules opened will persist in future sessions. – Leveled up our user profile page to handles lots of teams – Post-mortem reports now support collaboration – Improvements on paging policy UI indicating more explicit transitions to future steps – Email Integration Improvement: Incidents created by email no longer create new incidents on RE: or FWD: and FW: – Email notifications contain up to 25 incidents (up from ~3) – Fixed: missing error messages when an invalid phone number is added to your paging policy – Fixed: html encoded alerts are hard to read so we’re doing a better job of decoding them on the Incident Frequency report labels – Fixed: outgoing slack messages changed format, sorry about that, they’re back to normal – Fixed: team data for user metrics report is much more reliable – Fixed: data in the incident report was being mistakenly treated as MST instead of UTC – Fixed: regression in the content of notification messages being sent to a small set of our companies has been fixed _ – _Outgoing Webhooks evolved a bit (feature pending private Alpha Release)

Android (v 6.2.148):

– Further fixes around SSO login; auth, re-auth and IDP timeout flows – Improvements to Connectivity and Authentication status; better recovery from network failures, overall – Added loading animation (spinner) to all SSO web-view transitions (esp helpful when on a slow network connection)

iOS (v4.13.0):

– Improvements to push notification interactions, including launching app to appropriate destination based on push notification and in app alerts from different organizations – Various bug fixes for improved session stability

As always, send us your questions and here’s to Purgatory!