Release Notes: Pliny the Elder 8.27

Joni Klippert - September 01, 2015

Big news over here at the VictorOps mountain base camp. Not only did we decide to name our releases after good beer, we decided to release new features too. We thought these were both good decisions. Especially if you get to drink good beer after releasing.


8/27 Release Notes: Pliny The Elder

**Ack via phone call - ** It turns out that iPhones have a phone in them. Alexander Graham Bell came back from the grave and demanded that a machine call your phone and read your alerts. Users may now ‘ack’ and ‘resolve’ these alarms using a touch-tone phone-tree interface (Does not currently work on rotary phones or party lines). Press #4 to ack. Press #6 to resolve. On your keypad. In your phone. (Freebies: Blackberry and Windows phone support.)

**ServiceNow Integration - ** Bi-directional integration with ServiceNow. VictorOps incident management plug-in and support for ‘Incident’ and ‘Problem’ Task flows. Hello Flintstones - meet the Jetsons. Email our team for access.

SSO Support (Mobile & Web) - We couldn’t decide between bcrypt or PBKDF2 (obvi our salts have plenty of pepper). So we decided to let the smart people at Google, OneLogin, OKTA, PingIdentity and others make the decision for us. So please, send us your SAML. On a client near you.

**Backend support for main timeline route-key filtering - ** Noisy timelines are noisy. Currently in alpha testing (under feature flag), users may now filter timeline messages by route key. Email the product team if you’d like to alpha test.

** Oh, and we fixed some stuff too…**

– Fixing broken urls in transmogrifier rules – Multi-select widget in UI - fixed nested pop-ups by making them scrollable.

We hope you enjoy this recent goodness as much as we liked building them for you (and drinking Pliny the Elder).