Release Notes: Dan's Kombucha 6.22

Tara Calihman - June 24, 2016

giphy-2 If you’re not from around here, you may not know that kombucha was officially voted the beverage of Boulder last year. Not really. But once you’ve lived here long enough, it does become both your moral prerogative & an exciting challenge to make your own batch of kombucha. It’s not a pretty process but it’s one that Dan, our VP of Engineering, has taken up in his spare time.

So with this release, we celebrate all the goodness that is contained within a delicious fermented beverage AND? Different phone notification sounds for resolved incidents. I know. We’re excited, too.

6/22 Release Notes: Dan’s Kombucha


– Create and remove users using the API – Alert state message can now be up to 20kb in size (up from 1k)



– Various bug fixes and performance improvements


Webclient (v1.9)

– Open incidents in a new tab (with far far far less memory usage and courage and honor)


iOS (v4.18)

– Added distinct preference sound for Resolved vs Triggered Incidents

Android (v6.2.155)

– Added distinct Preference sound for Resolved vs Triggered Incidents – Various minor updates and bug fixes


Drink up! And remember: it’s good for you. Just like our release notes.