Release Notes: Harmless Coconut Water 6.1

Tara Calihman - June 02, 2016

We thought it might be time to take a break from naming our releases after favorite alcoholic beverages. Call it a seasonal detox but we decided to go in a different direction…and name our release after the one thing we like drinking when we’re not drinking our favorite alcoholic beverages. In a nod to Silicon Valley, we present the refreshing and hydrating Harmless Coconut water…


6/1 Release Notes: Harmless Coconut Water


Search incidents by route key: API → Documentation → Reporting → Incident v2 call now contains route keys. Creating reporting by alert source or team has never been easier!


 – Incident Ack Timeout: sometimes you fix a problem and forget that Nagios may not detect the resolution of the incident - or ack believing that an incident will resolve, but fall asleep to find that it’s still broken several hours later. Incident Ack Timeout will move incidents from Ack back to Triggered at a specified time interval. Today this feature is a bit of a ‘blunt instrument’ in that it’s a global setting. In the future both Incident Ack Timeout and Auto-Resolve will be applied on a per-routekey basis.

– Fixed: bug preventing some users from updating their billing information.

– UI Improvements on our new ‘outbound webhook’ feature, currently in select alpha.


 – Desktop Notifications: You’ve got work to do, so we’ve made it easy to see when new Incidents are paging you or transitioning states with Desktop Notifications when VictorOps is open in another tab.

 – Incident Alert Counts: Incidents may contain a number of critical alerts. You can now see how many alerts are part of an incident at a glance.

 – Fixed: Incidents unable to be ack’d in rare edge cases.

 – Fixed: Transmogrifier annotations decoded/displayed incorrectly in some cases.

iOS v4.16

 – Re-route is no longer restricted to the ack-user.

 – Maintenance mode: clicking on the maintenance mode banner now shows who enabled it and when.

 – One-click VO Contact Card: add all VictorOps incoming phone #s to your address book.

 – Landscape support added for iPad users.

Android v6.2.154

– Various minor updates and improvements to performance analytics

Enjoy our delicious new release and let us know if you have any questions!