Release Notes: Lagavulin 10.2

Tara Calihman - October 09, 2015

We veered slightly off track when we named this release. While we thought we would stick with craft beers, it turns out we’re equal-opportunity consumers when it comes to good alcohol. So quality Scotch it is.

And if it’s good enough for Ron Swanson, it’s definitely good enough for us.


10/2 Release Notes: Lagavulin

StatusPage integration (Mobile & Web) - Fixing servers is what Engineers and Operations teams are built to do. Communicating out to your sales team that customers might be calling & threatening to leave your company, on the other hand, is usually an afterthought.

We’ve built an easy-to-use integration with that will help you broadcast consumable tidbits of how an outage is progressing without having to leave the comforts of VictorOps. Or even better, without getting requests for status in Slack, emails from the Sales team and texts from your CEO.

[This integration is currently only available to those who reach out & ask for it to be turned on. You can do that by signing up here.]

Oh, and we fixed some stuff too…

User Metrics Report – Fixed on-call time calculation. – Fixed the TTA and TTR calculations. – Removed previously deleted teams from the teams drop down menu.

Android – A bug related to the “max-volume” override preference for incident/escalation notifications has also been fixed. This means you can be more certain your phone will wake you up with a loud siren at 3am – if that’s what it takes! =:-o

We’re pretty excited about the integration with StatusPage and not just because we’re going to be using this feature internally. In our effort to make on-call suck less, we’re improving how folks do outage communication…taking the wordsmithing out of it and leaving more time to actually solve the problem.

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