Release Notes: Steve 11.18

Tara Calihman - November 19, 2015

Although not named after craft beer or good Scotch, we’re still very excited about this release and cannot wait to introduce you. Please meet Steve. We’re pretty sure that once you see what we’ve included in this release, you’ll be jumping for joy as well.


11.18 Release Notes: Steve

Changes to People Pane

We’ve heard that for organizations with more than 50 users our people pane can be pretty painful to navigate. To address this, we’re releasing part 1 of a revamp to the people pane. We’re focusing on putting the information you need the fastest front and center.

– Added ‘Team View’ where users are sorted into teams they belong to. Belong to more than one? You’ll show up in each. – Quick filters for Users and Teams based on engagement, on-call and belongingness. – You may now search for specific users, usernames or teams. – We now have richer user details showing why the user is on-call or when they will next be on-call. – Private chat has been re-styled. Click on a user to send them a private chat. You’ll see a red dog-ear on a user card if you have a missed chat.

[Note: During the re-org the control call button was moved to the right side of the web client on the incident pane, next to the maintenance mode gear.]


Sometimes you have to get very specific with that date selection on your reports, so we added the ability to choose specific date ranges on all reports. Customize away!

New Integrations

Ruxit logoOpsviewEnterpriseLogo-large

prtg     cabot

Pingometer-Full-Logo  sumologic

OpsView (REST) Cabot (REST) Pingometer (REST) Ruxit (REST) PRTG (Email) Sumo Logic (REST)


– The UI will now surface who on your team has entered and exited maintenance mode. – We’re releasing our newly revamped alert processing system. It’s affectionately named “unicorn” and it’s coming to an alert system near you! – On our day off, we read through RFC5545 and discovered that you’re not allowed to mark a date as UTC (per section 3.2.19, for RFC aficionados), so we stopped doing that. This means that your iCal integration with your on-call calendar will work more reliably. – We’re continuing to make all parts of our system more bullet-proof. This sprint, we made some backend improvements to rotations. – We are now asking that you verify that your phone is your own before you start using it in your paging policy. If it’s already in the database then NBD, but for future phones you’ll have to verify.

Coming Soon Green Road Sign with Copy Room Over The Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

API calls

We’re just putting the finishing polish on the rev1 of our public API. Look for it in the near, near future. As a teaser, here are the first batch of calls we’re ready to publish.

Manage your incidents:

PATCH /api-public/v1/incidents/{ack or resolve} PATCH /api-public/v1/incidents/byUser/{ack or resolve}

We have two different ways to query incidents. One for active incidents, replicating what you see in the incident pane of VictorOps and one for diving deeply into old incidents:

GET /api-public/v1/incidents GET /api-reporting/v1/incidents

View and tweak your on-call schedules:

GET /api-public/v1/user/{user}/oncall/schedule GET /api-public/v1/team/{team}/oncall/schedule PATCH /api-public/v1/team/{team}/oncall/user

Let us know if you have any questions about this release, and as always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team!