Release Notes: VictorOps Glider Cider 11.01

Dan Hopkins - November 02, 2016

Our latest release is named after The Colorado Cider Company’s flagship cider, Glider Cider, a.k.a. the motion without effort found in a classic porch glider. While this release was certainly not without effort, here’s to smooth sailing while on call.

[caption id=”attachment_12881” align=”alignnone” width=”600”]apple orchard Image credit: Apple from The Colorado Cider Company’s orchard[/caption]

Updates to the web client (v1.14)

• Added the ability to delay the first step in an escalation policy • Added contextual counts to the incident tabs (context/all) • Added a new ‘under maintenance’ component state

Web client bug fixes • Links in popped-out incidents now return to their correct location • The Reroute button is now displayed as disabled when in maintenance mode • The @mention list now becomes scrollable when necessary • The incident pane now displays the correct number of incidents when network conditions are poor • The integrations page now delivers better performance when there are many route keys • The Rolodex now delivers better performance when there are lots of teams • After a “take,” the Rolodex oak leaf now accurately indicates who is on call

iOS (v4.23) updates

• Dramatically improved startup performance • Fixed crashes related to receiving and displaying incidents • Improved overall app stability • After a “take,” the Rolodex oak leaf now accurately indicates who is on call (same fix as on web client)

Platform and integrations

Atatus REST integration: Atatus offers application performance monitoring and error tracking in one platform–get integration instructions hereVividCortex: Offers database monitoring for advanced open source databases–get integration instructions here DripStat: Offers Java application performance management, with code-level visibility in production–get integration instructions here • We now support sending outgoing webhooks to AWS

Enjoy the enhanced performance and bug fixes that accompany this latest release. And watch for more feature news coming in the very near future.