An Argument for SaaS

Mike Meredith - August 12, 2015


Many customers ask us why we don’t support an on-premise version of VictorOps. Understanding that many organizations prefer or require on-premise solutions for security or other reasons, we feel that there are compelling reasons why we offer VictorOps exclusively as a SaaS product:

1:  We’re designed for use in a crisis:  If your datacenter is having a network issue, and VictorOps is running at your datacenter, then the VictorOps product may have trouble delivering or receiving alerts. For the same reason that (we hope) you have external monitoring tools providing redundancy for your internal monitoring tools, keeping VictorOps outside of your network means that our alert delivery and collaboration features keep working no matter what’s going on in your datacenter.

2:  Integrations:  VictorOps integrates with a wide variety of 3rd party monitoring and chat tools, including SaaS monitoring tools. These integrations need to be able to open connections to the VictorOps platform in order to work their magic. This means that if you were running VictorOps on-premise, you would need to provide a public IP and open up your firewall to incoming connections for these integrations to work. With VictorOps running in our datacenter, you don’t need to open up your firewall, and you don’t need to burn a valuable public IP address.

3:  Alert Delivery:  VictorOps can deliver alerts in a variety of ways: email, SMS, telephone calls, and push notifications to iOS and Android devices. Assuring delivery over all of these channels requires maintaining relationships with several third parties. We feel like our customers should be able to focus on managing their own platforms rather than managing relationships with carriers and device vendors.

4:  Security and Reliability:  With VictorOps running at our secure colocation facility in Denver, you can rest assured that your alerting stack is up-to-date, patched, and being operated according to industry best-practices for security and uptime. Since the VictorOps platform is our only focus, we can run the platform with a level of full-stack redundancy that most customers could not achieve for an on-premise solution. You can also be sure that if a critical bug or vulnerability is discovered, it will be fixed, tested, and patched on our platform quickly, and won’t require a “fire drill” on your part to ensure you’re protected.

Running software on-premise can have important advantages, but can also mean increased time-to-deploy, infrastructure resource costs, and administrative overhead. VictorOps is about making operations easier for DevOps teams. By allowing us to worry about managing the alerting platform, we allow you to keep your focus on your business critical operations, and you can rest assured that your crisis collaboration tool will be there when you need it most.