Seven Ways to Avoid Alert Fatigue: Webinar Recap

Jessica Kahn - July 29, 2016

Chris Gervais, Threat Stack’s VP of Engineering, wrote a comprehensive follow-up blog post on the joint webinar we held a few days ago, How to End Alert Fatigue with Modern Security and Incident Management. His blog post spells out seven ways to avoid alert fatigue with modern tools and summarizes the event. While you’re at it, take a look at Threat Stack’s solutions if you are in or transitioning to the cloud and need a cloud security platform.

Webinar Thumb

Normalizing Deviant Behavior In the lead-in to the webinar and in the post, Chris warns us about normalizing deviant behavior. This concept particularly struck me, and comes down to this: alerts are never supposed to be something that you get used to and just bat away. He uses the example of on-boarding a new team member. Imagine that they’re touring the office, learning the job, and hearing alarms going off. Your new team member then asks, “Are these alarms normal?”

If you say, “Oh, yeah, they’re normal,” then you have to wonder if you’re functioning as a healthy, high performing team. Or are you like a frog in warm water that is gradually heating up?

boiling water

To get more examples and hear the conversation on normalizing deviant behavior, plus the seven (or eight) ways of avoiding alert fatigue, watch the recorded webinar. And take away some good suggestions to try with your teams.