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Our Slack Integration

Jason Hand January 13, 2015


As 2015 rolls in, we’re beginning to see a lot of predictions about what will take place within the Devops space this year. A few clear areas that most agree on are the ideas of broader and stronger collaboration, communication, and empathy among teams.

Tools that allow these types of interaction and collaboration are popping up all of the time. One such tool that has made an incredible amount of traction and headlines in the last 11 months is Slack, a chat service and client aimed to “make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive”. Slack lives up to this mission statement, as I’ve yet to find a single customer of theirs that doesn’t feel it achieves the promise of simplification, pleasantry, and productivity.


One of the questions I always ask when I’m traveling and learning about where others are at in their DevOps journey is:

"_What’s missing from the VictorOps platform?_"

The responses I receive are great feedback for the team back at Basecamp. Not only do we aim to make being on-call suck less, we want to genuinely enable customers to become awesome at their job and create amazing stuff. If customers need a feature or a tweak to their existing VictorOps service, they let us know and we almost immediately get to work on it.

In August, our HipChat integration created a lot of excitement. Finally, teams who relied heavily on the chat client for conversations surrounding incidents could synchronize them with the alert data and paging information within the VictorOps timeline. Not only does this help resolve issues quicker, it creates a level of transparency and collaboration during firefights that teams have never had available before. On top of that, the postmortem reports generated following an outage contain the entire conversation during the firefight and with this feature, VictorOps could now provide an extremely accurate account of what took place during an incident.

Obviously a lot of on-call teams were extremely happy about this. HipChat is an amazing chat service. Still, it isn’t the only kid on the block.


I’m happy to share with you that the Slack integration is here. Teams may now connect their Slack service with VictorOps in order to create a bi-directional flow of conversations, alerts, and monitoring data. As we move from asynchronous communication to full on synchronized conversations, tools are making that transition easier. VictorOps and Slack are two examples of tools and services doing just that.

When teams have all of the content and context surrounding an incident, the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) drops significantly. If there’s some way that we can make you and your on-call team more productive by reducing the amount of time you spend diagnosing, discussing, and resolving an outage, VictorOps wants to find it. An integration with a service like Slack is a big step in that direction.

Thank you for all of the great product feedback we have received. Please continue to share your ideas on how we can make being on-call suck less!

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