A Very Sonos Integration

Tara Calihman - June 26, 2014

We are in the final countdown of our June Sonos giveaway so if you have been meaning to add a user to your VictorOps account, now is the time!

And as we promised a week ago, here are the nitty gritty details about how to integrate your new free Sonos with VictorOps in the ultimate timeline and alert sound mashup.


This integration has dual functionality with the Now Playing and the Sonos Alert options.

The Now Playing notifications are just what they sound like - informational alerts that are sent into your company’s VictorOps timeline whenever a new track plays. Imagine broadcasting your impeccable musical taste to everyone on your team. Alerts are sent to VictorOps using the REST API, which can be enabled from your account’s Integration Settings.


The second option with this integration is the ability to accept calls from the VictorOps outgoing notification webhook. In the case that a normal phone won’t do, whenever a notification is sent for an Incident in your VictorOps timeline, the webhook will be invoked and your Sonos system will play the alert track of your choice.

(If it’s critical, may we recommend The Imperial March from Star Wars?)

You can find out more about both varieties of our Sonos integration in this GitHub repo: https://github.com/charlie-vo/victorops-sonos

Have fun and be sure to share with us what tune you choose for your alerting purposes!