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Dan Holloran March 06, 2019

SRE vs DevOps Blog Banner Image

Site reliability engineering (SRE) has gained traction as an effective engineering practice over the last few years. In IT operations and software development, DevOps and...

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Dan Holloran December 19, 2018

Why DevOps Matters: Collaboration and Transparency Blog Post Banner

DevOps is all about tightening the relationship between developers, IT operations, and security. DevOps-focused organizations can build reliable services faster through collaborative team relationships and...

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Dan Holloran November 30, 2018

Leveraging Synthetic and Real-User Monitoring (RUM) for SRE

Monitoring is just the first step of many when it comes to creating highly reliable systems. SRE teams can leverage monitoring to understand how users...

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Kelsey Loughman November 28, 2018

What to Make of SRE's Golden Signals Blog Banner

Effective site reliability engineering (SRE) relies on a deep understanding of a service’s underlying infrastructure and architecture. Improving the visibility into application and infrastructure health...

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Marlo Vernon September 26, 2018

Why You Need Organizational SRE Support Blog Thumbnail

Building reliable services is expected in today’s software ecosystem. Customers don’t care whether you’re working with highly integrated systems or in a more controlled environment–they...

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Becoming a Reliability Engineer (SRE) Blog Banner

The world of defined roles for site reliability engineering (SRE) is relatively new. The principle was first defined and implemented by Ben Treynor, VP of...

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Incident Preparation: Uptime Is No Guarantee Blog Banner

Working to prevent downtime is a never-ending battle. But no matter what you do, in today’s era of continuous deployment and integrated services, uptime is...

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Dan Holloran August 27, 2018

August Roundup: What's Hot in SRE? 2018 Blog Banner

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) continues to gain momentum in DevOps teams. Building a foundation of collaboration and accountability leads to reliable continuous integration and delivery....

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Dan Holloran August 22, 2018

How to Hold an SRE Council Meeting Blog Banner

Building resilient systems takes a mindset dedicated to continuous improvement. SRE takes many different forms, but should always be focused on improving reliability and cross-functional...

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Dan Holloran August 10, 2018

What is SRE to Me Blog Banner

What’s SRE to you? It’s hard to define because SRE looks different to every team, company, and individual. So, we wanted to chat with a...

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