Startup Life Starts Young

Todd Vernon - July 03, 2014

I like to be supportive of a lot of different startup efforts. I frequently meet with various entrepreneurs to help with ideas, challenges, and to provide feedback. At VictorOps, we routinely give out free or reduced fee licenses to startup incubators like TechStars, Y-Combinator, Boomtown and Startup Summer (which my daughter Darby is in) along with early stage companies. In general, I love the startup culture and help where I can.

Over the past few years I have been honored to provide content and thoughts to books in the Startup Series, including Startup Life, and most recently, Startup Boards. Venture Deals is a book that every first-time entrepreneur should own and, as far as I’m concerned, is the gold standard with regards to how you finance your startup.


Last week I had the opportunity to host a group of 30 young startup entrepreneurs from Camp Inc, a local summer entrepreneurship bootcamp for teenagers. The agenda was pretty loose - talk a little about yourself, your past companies, and of course, VictorOps.

First, I have to say I was absolutely blown away with the quality of the students that came along. The campers were in grades 7-12 and after going through the basic agenda in about 15 minutes, the questions began. We talked in front of our big alert board where we are able to monitor the thousands of inbound alerts we see every hour. This turned into a great discussion about providing value to your customers and the hard work it takes to build a 24x7 fully-automated business. It was eye-opening to our visitors how difficult it is for our customers, DevOps people, to do their jobs and be responsible for reliable uptime. This lead to a discussion about return on investment for your product, and addressing a pain point that VictorOps clearly addresses for hundreds of customers only a few months after launch.

Startup Campers

Entrepreneurship is something best experienced, rather then taught. I love camps like these and only wish they had been available when I was growing up since I have always been the type that learns by doing. If you are interested in building insanely great things and love the startup life, then send us an email - we may have a role for you at VictorOps. If you are interested in starting your own thing, check out the startup programs I mentioned above and start doing!