State of On-call Survey 2015 is here! Help Needed!

Tara Calihman - October 12, 2015

Last year, we launched the first ever State of On-call survey. We asked about tools, setting up on-call rotations, what team members are involved and what happens after the incident gets resolved…among other things. We got 500 responses and in the process, learned a lot about what people are doing to handle the challenge of on-call management.

A few key takeaways from 2014’s results:


In an effort to see if on-call is getting any better for anyone, we’re conducting the survey again this year. Because what fun is data if you can’t start picking out patterns, checking out year-over-year changes and looking for trends?

Our predictions for this year’s results…

– less folks are using homegrown monitoring and on-call systems because more options are now available off the shelf – more organizations will report as having moved their infrastructure (or large parts of it) to the cloud – an increase in the adoption of DevOps practices, especially when it comes to sharing the load of being on-call – ChatOps will play a bigger role in how organizations do their incident management – runbooks and collaboration will continue to be the two biggest factors in solving problems faster – a decrease in the number of people saying on-call is getting worse (hopefully!)


If you’d like to help the cause, we’d love for you to take a few minutes to answer questions about being on-call. You can access the survey by clicking on the image above or by clicking here. We’ll be choosing one lucky winner from all the respondents to win a BB-8 from Sphero.

Check back in December when we release the 2015 State of On-call Report. We’ll be hosting a few webinars to discuss the results and if you filled out the survey, you’ll get a copy of those results to check out for yourself. Stay tuned and thanks in advance for your help!