State of On-Call Webinar with New Relic

Tara Calihman - January 06, 2016

newrelicIs one of your 2016 resolutions to improve your DevOps team’s on-call process?

Need some help figuring out what’s working (and what’s not) to reduce alert fatigue ?

Want to learn from the many other teams tackling this same challenge?

Next week, we’re joining up with our partner New Relic to discuss the 2015 State of On-call Report – and all the lessons, best practices & emerging trends contained therein.

Our co-founder and CEO, Todd Vernon, will be talking with Stevan Arychuk, Software Operations Solutions Architect at New Relic, about what they see as major changes from last year’s survey as well as what results are supported by their industry observations.

We’ll be covering DevOps, ChatOps, alerts and monitoring among many other topics.




We have a sweet New Relic integration, which may also come up in conversation, so bring your questions and get ready to learn more than you ever thought possible about being on-call.

Join us on Tuesday, January 12th at 11am PST, to hear what people really had to say about being on-call and how they’re making the process better.