The VictorOps team had a great time in Vegas. We had a lot planned for while we were at AWS re:Invent and we’re proud to say we pulled it all off – with very little sleep and fresh air to help us through the process.

A few of the highlights from the show…


Transmogrifier Release

With the release of the Transmogrifier, we were excited to show off the latest tool VictorOps has provided to make being on-call suck less. The responses, questions, and feedback that we received in our booth following demos of the new feature was utterly amazing.  It feels good to get immediate feedback from existing and potential customers that what we have built solves the exact problems that they have.


“How are you guys different?”

For many that came by our booth, their very first question is how are you different from (insert another alerting service). Right away we let them know that everything you get with  (insert another alerting service) is provided by VictorOps. However, we firmly believe that simply being alerted about a problem isn’t enough in this day and age. Ok, you’ve been told about a problem…now what?  Well, now you have to get your butt out of bed, or leave your latest Tinder-crush hanging, or tell you kids (once again) that you can’t read to them right now – and get to working on the problem. Every single person we talked to agreed 100% that you are just getting started once you’ve received the incident alert. This is how VictorOps is different.

We want to stay with you through the entire incident lifecycle.  We’ll be with you through the alert, to the diagnoses, to the collaboration with your team, to providing you with additional context such as graphs, runbooks, etc. to building a post-mortem with just a few clicks. You see, being on-call is a much bigger story than just being paged. We understand that and so does just about everyone we talked to at re:Invent. It’s pretty easy to demonstrate how we are different.


People can’t get enough

Time and time again, myself and others at the VictorOps booth would demo our product to the awesome folks who stopped by – only to have them return later the same day with additional members of their team or their “boss” to see our product again.  It’s pretty gratifying knowing that what we have built not only impresses everyone that sees it, but they almost immediately begin telling their co-workers about VictorOps with the same level of passion that we have.  More than once we spotted someone standing a few feet outside of our booth literally explaining the product to others for us!


Pow shirts are a hit

VictorOps hosted a stop on the Pub Crawl and we had special shirts made just for the event. The shirts coincided with the release of our very first comic book Tales of the Victors. People have always loved our shirts and we’re never surprised when folks come through our booth and ask for additional shirts.  We never would have imagined how much they loved our “Pow” shirts though.  To the disappointment of many, those shirts were only available at the Pub Crawl.

T-shirts are obviously a big part of any big trade show. Some people (myself included) even make sure to leave additional space in their luggage just to be able to bring home all of the swag. However, not all vendors go out of their way to provide not only cool-designed shirts, but extremely comfortable ones. We think you deserve nothing but the best from VictorOps, including high quality shirts. If you didn’t get a “Pow” shirt at re:invent and still want one, we’ve just placed an order for more, so shoot me an email : or hit me up on twitter (@jasonhand)

Drinks are on us

Speaking of pub crawl – Wow! What an amazing night that was. We never would have imagined how many people would attend this event. I had to man the booth until the trade show floor closed so arrived to the event a little late. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure they were going to let me in. The V-Bar was packed to capacity with existing customers and those who have just learned about us. So many people!

I had made up in my mind that I was done “talking shop” and just wanted to grab a cold IPA and get it in to my face-hole ASAP and often. Nope. Not possible. As soon as I bellied up to the bar, I had people start asking questions and telling me how awesome they thought our stuff was. Time to dig deep and put the evangelist cap back on. It was worth it. I had just as many wonderful conversations at the pub crawl as I did all day at the booth. So, to those of you that dropped by, thank you!


Skrillex party

The final social event of re:Invent was a concert by dub-step DJ and music producer Skrillex. While dub-step has a place in my music library, it’s pretty much reserved strictly to when I’m strapped in to a snowboard, wakeboard, or longboard. So, after a few songs, I drifted away from the crowd to check out everything else that was going on at the event. There was a really cool quad-copter obstacle course, a full blown arcade and my favorite, a dodgeball arena!  So, there was definitely something for everyone at the event. Once midnight struck and I was denied a free beer, it was time for me to hit the craps table.


Anyone that’s “done Vegas” knows that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Being there for a giant trade show like AWS re:Invent is no exception. In fact, it reinforces that theory. After a full week of being on your feet, constantly meeting and talking to friends old and new, we all needed a couple of days to turn off and relax.


Now that we are back to basecamp, armed with an injection of motivation from re:Invent, there’s a new buzz in the office. Everyone is pumped and working harder than ever to provide the worlds best “on-call” service. If you were at re:Invent and stopped by the booth or the pub-crawl, thank you. If you weren’t, there’s always next year. We’ll definitely be there and I highly recommend you are too!