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Show Your Appreciation on SysAdmin Day 2019

Nell Gable July 08, 2019

DevOps Monitoring & Alerting On-Call
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Happy (almost) SysAdmin Day! With incredible July weather comes the time to celebrate system administrators everywhere. The 20th annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day takes place this month – Friday, July 26, 2019. Throughout the rest of the year, SysAdmins take on-call responsibilities and maintain uptime for all of your IT applications and infrastructure. The system administrators in your life are constantly working to keep systems afloat and are actively allowing you to focus on driving product development and business value.

So, have a party, share some pizza and give thanks for your SysAdmins. Get the IT team a card and show your appreciation for the hard work they do every day. In case you need more convincing as to why you should celebrate, check out our guide for being a system administrator and share the article with your SysAdmin friends.

Below, we’re going to cover 5 ways you can show your appreciation and make your teammates feel valued.

Happy SysAdmin Day!

1) Witty t-shirts

SysAdmins always love a good t-shirt – we know from experience. Find a service where you can make some custom humorous, punny, IT-focused t-shirts. SysAdmins are always balancing delivery speed with system reliability while taking on-call shifts and managing incidents across all of the networks and servers. Anything you can do to acknowledge the alert fatigue or burnout felt by system administrators in a humorous way will show how much you appreciate their hard work.

2) Have a party with pizza, cake and ice cream

Or, any other delicious treats! SysAdmins are underappreciated 364 days of the year and deserve a party with some sweet and salty snacks. Give your SysAdmins time to decompress and relax – if you’re on the software engineering team, maybe plan some releases before and after SysAdmin Day to give your team a breather. Recognize all the time your SysAdmins spend configuring networks and monitoring servers, responding to incidents and give them time away from the day-to-day struggles, kick-back and have a slice of pizza.

How to Make On-Call Suck Less

3) Gratuitous amounts of ‘thank yous’

No amount of ‘thank yous’ are too many. Your team’s system administrators are keeping your business afloat on a daily basis. Say thank you to your SysAdmins and get to know them. Instead of inundating the IT team with tickets and incidents for a day, try sending them a quick thank you message and have a friendly chat. Much of a SysAdmin’s glory is in the shadows behind the work done by software engineers and the rest of the business. Putting these people at the forefront of attention for a day and letting them know how much you appreciate their effort can go a long way. Over time, this mindset helps you build more collaborative relationships across the business – leading to a DevOps-centric business that drives efficiency through better transparency and communication.

4) Cards and gifts

To go along with your thanks, SysAdmins would appreciate a small thank you card or gift. A gift card to Amazon or New Egg normally goes a long way for most IT professionals. Or, think about the individual SysAdmins on your team and try to get personalized gifts for each of them. Small tokens simply gesture how much you appreciate the sleepless on-call nights and countless duties performed by your team’s system administrators. But, you can always subscribe to the Swedish Fish Theory (aka – add a little candy when you request something from a SysAdmin).

5) Karaoke?

Take the team out for karaoke. Or, simply rent out a space at a local restaurant and have a little get-together for your team’s SysAdmins. It’s always a good time to get your team out of the office for a little bit and let them partake in some fun activities. If the weather’s nice, you could throw a little barbecue for SysAdmin Day. You could always poll your system administrators to see what kinds of activities they’d like for SysAdmin Day – maybe a little afternoon nap time? Some simple human interaction with SysAdmins can brighten their day and improve cross-functional communication going forward.

SysAdmin Appreciation Day 2019

Whatever you do for SysAdmin Day 2019 – make sure you thank the system administrators around you. Getting to know the people on your team personally and acknowledging the pressures put on SysAdmins can improve collaboration and empathy for everyone across the organization. Basic manners and openness to conversation will help humanize the workflows behind software delivery, IT operations and incident management. So, on July 26th, 2019, everyone should eat a slice of cake, give a toast and happily acknowledge the hard work of the system administrators around you – because they deserve it.

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